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RecycleMania 2012

drop off area

Each year for the past ten years, universities across the United States compete to see who can recycle the most. This year the competition also includes reducing waste with recycling. This is our 5th year in the competition and we will be competing against 500 other schools.

The official competition starts February 5th and goes through March 31st. So, during this time, we will be keeping track of how much we recycle on the entire campus as well as how much we throw away! Please make an extra effort to recycle EVERYTHING that is recyclable, and let’s win this thing!

Items accepted for this competition: Mixed and White Paper, Cardboard, Aluminum Cans, Glass, Plastics #1 and #2, and Tin-Coated Steel Cans.

We will use this site to update students and interested individuals on how we are fairingin the competition, so keep posted.

As a final note, BYU will be competing again this year. We at least have to beat them!!!

***If you want to help us win this thing, please recycle everything possible. If you want to help us even more, we can always use some more great volunteers.

How this Competition Works:

This year, RecycleMania includes two different competitions. The first is the Per Capita Recycling Competition (also referred to as the Per Capita Classic). In this competition, we calculate the weight of recycled material per person on campus each week. The second competition is the Per Capita Waste Reduction Competition. This adds total recycling weights to total trash weights per person per week. The campus population is calculated where each on-campus resident counts as 1.0 person, each full-time student, faculty, or staff not living on campus counts as 0.75 persons, and each part-time student, faculty, or staff not living on campus counts as 0.5 persons. With 3,056 campus residents, 8,814 full-time students not living on campus, 2,381 full-time faculty/staff not living on campus, 2,591 part-time students not living on campus, and 244 part-time faculty/staff not living on campus, our total population for the competition is 12,867.5 people.

So, for the Per Capita Recycling Competition, the calculation will look like this:

Total weight of recycled materials = Per Capita Recycling
15,428 people

For the Per Capita Waste Reduction Competition, the calculation will look like this:

Total weight of recycled material + Total weight of trash = Per Capita Waste
15,428 people

We’ll calculate these totals each week and post them on the website. The other schools’ information can be found on the RecycleMania website at http://www.recyclemaniacs.org/universities.asp by clicking on their respective names.

If you would like to get involved to help with the RecycleMania 2011 competition or any aspect of recycling on campus, or if you have any questions regarding the competition or recycling and waste reduction in general, contact us at recycling@usu.edu.

Bin locations and pick-up schedules for all campus buildings can be found on our website at http://www.usu.edu/recycle/Buildings.htm by clicking on the building name then scrolling down to find it on the page.

For official rules and to look at information on other schools competing etc, go to: http://www.recyclemaniacs.org/about.

Recyclables Currently Recycled:

Mixed Paper, white paper, card stock, corrugated cardboard, aluminum, glass, plastics #1 and #2, tin-coated steel cans, scrap metal, rigid styrofoam, wooden pallets, batteries, green waste, e-waste, furniture, & office supplies.

Recycling Goals

Last year during the competition times we recycled 1.45 lbs. per person per week, and our goal is to increase that by 10%, to 1.6 lbs. per student per week for the 10 weeks in 2006. This should be easy considering last year we threw away 7.12 lbs. per person per week.

How will your university SPECIFICALLY measure the recyclables? Will you use volume based or actual weight measurements?:

For the most part, we will use actual weights. The only exception to that will be with the paper that is collected from campus by our student workers. They fill up 32-gallon barrels with paper, and those average 80 lbs. each when full, not including container weights. So, we'll base those containers on volume, being that a full container weighs 80 lbs., a 3/4 full weighs 60 lbs., half is 40 lbs., and 1/4 is 20 lbs. Those collecting the paper will simply be able to say how full the containers are and then calculate the weight based on how full they are.

RecycleMania on-going and former year Results: http://www.recyclemaniacs.org/results.asp