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Charles S. Prebish

Founding Editor Emeritus, Journal of Buddhist Ethics, www.buddhistethics.org Founding Editor Emeritus, Journal of Global Buddhism, www.globalbuddhism.org Editorial Advisory Board, Buddhist Studies Review, www.equinoxjournals.com/index,php/BSR

Editorial Advisory Committee, Religious Studies Review, www.wiley.com/bw/journal.asp?ref=039-485X&site=1

Christine F. Cooper-Rompato

Journal of Medieval Religious Cultures, Published by Penn State press, co-edited by Christine F. Cooper-Rompato and Bob Hasenfratz.

general information: http://www.psupress.org/journals/jnls_jmrc.html
submissions: http://www.editorialmanager.com/jmrc

Steven Shively

Co-editor of Teaching Cather, a journal which is published semi-annually by the Department of English at Utah State University. Links to several back issues can be found at http://cather.unl.edu.

The editors welcome essays on teaching about religious themes, characters, and practices in Cather's writing as well as essays on teaching her works in religious schools and in courses on religion and literature.

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