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Richard Sherlock


ADDRESS 1680 East 1400 North Logan, UT 84321 (435) 752‑4922

Languages & Philosophy Dept. Utah State University Logan, UT 84322‑0720 (435) 797‑1244




Professor of Philosophy, Department of Languages and Philosophy, Utah State University




Honors B.A. Summa Cum Laude, University of Utah (1970)

Master of Theological Studies Harvard Divinity School (1972)

Doctor of Philosophy, Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, Harvard University (1978)

THESIS: Procreative Rights and the Sterilization of the Retarded




Phi Beta Kappa,  Researcher of the Year, College of Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences, USU 1987

Honors Professor of the Year, USU 1989‑1990

Liberal Arts and Sciences Professor Award, 1992

Mortor Board Top Prof., 1993

Honors Program Last Lecturer, 1993

Teacher of the Year, College of Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences, Utah State University, 1995

Honors Professor of the Year, Utah State University, 1995‑1996





Kennedy Foundation Fellow, Interfaculty program in Medical Ethics, Harvard University (1973‑1975).

Earhart Foundation Fellowships 1987‑1988,

National Endowment for the Humanities fellowship 1989.




Adjunct Associate Professor, McGill University, Montreal


Senior Research Scholar, Center for Bioethics, Clinical Research Institute of Montreal.


Professor, Department of Theology, Fordham University, Bronx. Taught ethics and moral theology to graduate and undergraduate students, as well as reading and mentoring dissertations.


Adjunct Professor of Philosophy and Religion, Christian Brothers College, Memphis, TN (1979‑1983).


Assistant Professor, Program on Human Values and Ethics, University of Tennessee, Center for the Health Sciences (1978­1983).


Assistant Professor, Department of Philosophy and Religion, Northeastern University, Boston.


Teaching Fellow in Ethics, Harvard University (1976).


Teaching Fellow in Medical Ethics, Harvard College (1975).


Research Fellow in Medical Ethics and Health Policy Harvard Medical School (1973‑1975).




American Academy of Religion, Society for Philosophy and Technology, American Philosophical Association,  Association for Politics and the Life Sciences




Medical and Applied Ethics and Policy, Moral Philosophy and Theology, Philosophical Theology




Political Philosophy, History of Modern Philosophy, Modern Theology




“The Precautionary Principle” American Philosophical Association May 2001


“Abortion and Health Care in the 1992 Election”, American Political Science Assn. Sept. 1993


“Locke on St. Paul” paper delivered at the annual meeting of the American Political Science Assn., September 1992


“Christianity and Liberal Democracy”, Bradley Memorial Lecture, Boston College (March 1992)


“Revealed Religion in Practice: An Introduction to Hobbes' Behemoth”, delivered at the American Political Science Association Meeting (September 1988)


“Theology of Toleration: A Reading of Locke's Reasonableness of Christianity”, American Political Science Association, San Francisco (September 1990)


“Genetically Engineered Organisms in the Human Food Chain: Regulatory and Policy Issues” presented at the American Political Science Association Meeting (September 1989)


“The Devil and Thomas Hobbes: Leviathan, Book IV” invited paper at international conference on the religious thought of Thomas Hobbes, University of Hamburg (Summer 1988)


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In Development:


with John Morrey Ethical Issues in Biotechnology: A Textbook


The Roots of Liberty : Religion, Conscience and Dissent in Early Modern Britain