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    2015 Leadership

    35779_1482587672682_5419097_n  Anna Marchant - President


      Cell Phone: (208) 312-0503







    Anna Marchant is a transfer student from BYU-Idaho, majoring in Political Science. Anna began her involvement with College Republicans immediately upon her arrival to Utah State in January of 2014. During the Fall semester of 2014, Anna served as the Executive Vice President of Utah State University’s College Republicans. Anna is involved within many organizations on campus, where she has held a variety of leadership positions, including the Government Relations Council, where she serves as the Government & State Liaison, the presidency for the College of Humanities and Social Sciences, where she serves as the Activities Coordinator, and Cache County’s Community Abuse Prevention Service Agency, where she serves on the Education Prevention Team, addressing youth within Cache County’s School District on sexual, physical, and emotional abuse. Anna completed her internship under the supervision of a county prosecuting attorney, and hopes to use her experiences in the courts, and within the political spectrum, to increase awareness regarding child sexual abuse. Anna maintains a 3.85 University GPA, and plans to obtain a Master’s Degree in Victimology following her graduation from Utah State University in 2016. Anna was nominated for the President’s award in January of 2015,on account of her outstanding service to the university; she looks forward to serving as the 2015 president of the Utah State College Republicans.


    9a7063_1f6dd63097ea4294be81619c742ad23b_jpg_srz_145_218_75_22_0_50_1_20_0      Madison Manors – Executive Vice President


          Twitter: @miss_maddiesue








    Madison Maners is a junior studying history and journalism at Utah State University. She loves being a student and hopes to use her degrees to continue learning and eventually teach.

    This year Madison has been able to work with several on-campus organizations and is excited to be part of College Republicans leadership. She returned to Washington, D.C. this fall to attend the national conference for the Public Relations Student Society of America and learned about the art of political communication and good southern corn bread. She works as peer adviser for the College of Humanities and Social Sciences and is the Undergraduate Teaching Fellow over Media Law.

    In her spare time she loves to be outdoors skiing, fishing, hunting, boating, hiking, and cloud-watching. She loves singing in the car during long drives, reading new books, trying to be a sports fan, visiting new places, and taking naps. Last summer Madison went para-sailing, rock climbing and canyoning for the first time.

    Some of this Cache Valley girl’s goals include obtaining a master’s degree, staying involved in the community, and helping others to reach their potential and make a difference through civic engagement.


    _MG_2631    Kortni Wells  - Coordinating Vice President


    Kortni Wells is a freshman at Utah State, hailing from the quaint little town of Burley, Idaho. She has a love of politics that started at a young age as she attended 4-H conferences, Idaho Syringa Girls State, and eventually to become a Page in the Idaho State Legislature. Although she has a deep love of Idaho’s government and politics, she looks forward to continuing to learn more about Utah Politics. She is currently hoping to switch her major to Communications/ Journalism, because of her love of writing. Kortni is also a member of the Collegiate 4-H club on campus, and was an active member for 10 years. Her projects ranged any where from raising dairy heifers, to Culinary Arts and Leadership.

    When not studying or sleeping, she loves to be outdoors soaking up the sunshine, enjoying the peacefulness of Logan Canyon, playing volleyball, being social wherever she may be, and watching movies with her roommate and friends.

    20140805_142428   Teresa Urie – Secretary/Treasurer








    Teresa is from South Salt Lake City, Utah. She is a senior majoring in Law and Constitutional Studies and minoring in Psychology at Utah State University. In addition to being part of the USU College Republicans she is serving on the USU Government Relations Council, the USU Institute of Government and Politics Student Advisory Board.

    In the past Teresa has had the opportunity to intern with both a state legislature (with majority leader Jim Dunnigan, R) and the national legislature (with Congressman Simpson, R-ID). These opportunities have show her different perspectives on the world and the different levels of government.

    Teresa grew up with in a family with high values and work ethic, being taught that you have to work hard to achieve your dreams. When challenges come move forward, work to your fullest, and work toward the best outcome. She is dedicated to her work and likes to be achieve a high respect from those who she works with. She also finds that you’ll be happy with yourself and your life overall if you stay true to yourself and your beliefs.

    Teresa enjoys to read, play basketball, and spend time with friends and family.



    photo  Anthony Rodriguez – Public Relations Director


    Anthony Rodriguez is a Law and Constitutional Studies major and a Classical Latin minor at Utah State University. He is the Public Relations Director for the Utah State University College Republicans, and the Republican Party liaison for the Utah State University Government Relations Council. He has worked on numerous campaigns including Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s campaign in Kentucky, as well as many local campaigns. He plans on attending law school at the Seattle University School of Law. His ultimate goal is to become a judge, then after several years of that to retire in north east Russia where he will study literature and write in dactylic hexameter.

    478784_403633652992590_1153801501_o (1)  Andrew Redfern - Activities Director


    Andrew is a Political Science and American Studies major from Los Angeles, California. This is Andrews second year with College Republicans, and his first year as Programming. During his first year with College Republicans, he served as Public Relations Director. Andrew plans on graduating in 2017 with intent for Law School.


    Former Presidents

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