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At a place where conventional wisdom is challenged and reimagined constantly, USU faculty researchers are engaging in fields of study the world can’t live without. USU is one of Utah’s two research universities and has grown into a thriving research university known and respected around the world.

Undergraduate Research

USU’s undergraduate research program is the second oldest in the nation. Our students embrace the opportunities offered by COLLABORATION and are given opportunities to work closely with research faculty. In a place where fertile minds flourish and grow the university inspires more than 1,000 students to pursue their own research projects every year.


Deriving strength from its world-class faculty, students and staff, USU is working closely with industry partners to develop business innovation opportunities to develop relevant, practical technologies for the marketplace.


Utah State University nurtures INNOVATION and embraces possibility. The university provides an unparalleled environment with facilities, services, and technology, as well as programs and expertise that stimulate and support the growth of research and technology-based enterprises.

A Top Research University

  • $220 million in external funding received for research — the highest level of external support ever recorded (fiscal year 2014)
  • #7 in the nation among colleges of education for total research dollars received by a college, Emma Eccles Jones College of Education and Human Services (U.S. News and World Report, America's Best Graduate Schools, 2015 edition)
  • USU saw a seven-fold increase in grant money set aside for graduate student tuition and received a 40 percent increase in federal competitive awards (fiscal year 2014)
  • USU’s Space Dynamics Lab invented the Imaging Dispersive Energy Analyzer (IDEA) that will help to predict the impact of space weather events causing degraded GPS and radio signals, spacecraft damage, and increased atmospheric drag that can alter a satellite’s orbit.
  • USU engineers, hydrologists, agronomists, sociologists, climate scientists, and other researchers across a range of disciplines are the foremost voices on issues related to water in the state and world with projects in Egypt, Senegal, throughout Latin America, Central America, and in other countries throughout the Middle East.
  • USU researchers were instrumental in bringing the first commercial wind farm to Utah.

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