For additional forms please call 797-1132.

  1. Long-Term Preparation Guide (pdf)

    This contains information about your leave, and will be especially helpful to a parent or spouse.
  2. Long-Term Advising Plan (pdf)

    We encourage you to visit with your academic advisor prior to your departure to plan which courses you will need to take in your first semester back.
  3. One-Time Release of Directory (Public) Information (pdf)

    The Release of Student Information form allows your parents/guardians to access your records while you are gone. The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), a federal privacy law, prevents USU from sharing most of your educational information with ANYONE, including your parents or your spouse. Completion of the Release of Student Information form will allow whomever you designate to access all of your student information, which greatly facilitates registration. Although this form is