Retention Newsletter

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Faculty Focus - Richard D. Gordin, Professor, Health, Physical Education, and Recreation Dept

In my 30 years at USU I have always prided myself on providing service to students. This pride is exhibited in many forms but most visibly in my classroom where I attempt to foster a safe place to learn and instill a sense of confidence in my students. Read more...

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Faculty Focus - Vicki Rosen, Lecturer, Biology Department

I have been teaching biology for over 22 years.  The first 15 years of my teaching career were in high school and for the past 7 years I have been a lecturer in the biology department at USU.  I have worked with students on both sides of this transitional period, and I know how critical a positive beginning can be for their success. I use my teaching experience to help address some of the changes that incoming college students will need to face.  Read more...

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Faculty Focus - Kym Owens, MSW, LCSW, Clinical Assistant Professor, Moab Center

In August 2011, I was hired by Regional Campuses and Distance Education to help launch a new social work program in Southeastern Utah.  As I arrived at the USU Moab Center, I literally “hit the ground running,” knowing I had much work ahead of me.  Read more...

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Faculty Focus - Harrison Kleiner, Instructor in Languages, Philosophy, and Speech Communication Department (Philosophy)

These days students are bombarded with innumerable demands on their time and attention. Not only are more of our students working, they have unique distractions that I never encountered as a student (internet, social media, etc). Since there are many draws on their time, students will give time to a task only if they think it is worth their valuable time.  Read more...

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Faculty Focus - Rosa Thornley, Graduate Instructor and Assistant Director for English 1010

Accepting a position for the Fall 2010 semester as a Graduate Instructor (GI) in the English department moved me from a professional life in the business world into the academic arena; I graduated from USU with a degree in Business Administration and minor in American Studies. Offering this information to my students in English 1010, Introduction to Academic Writing, on the first day of class opened up a whole new world for them. This knowledge helped them understand that breadth courses can have multi-disciplinary application. Read more...

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Living Learning Communities and USU

Living learning communities are a hot topic across the country. Many on our campus are surprised to discover that we too have living learning communities at Utah State. Our LLCs are known as Theme Housing.


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University Advising Shares One of Their Advising Tools

A key element of the advising process is the advisor-student relationship.  Faculty, professional, or peer advisors across campus help students achieve their educational goals, while becoming informed about educational options, graduation requirements, and university policies.  Advisors also help students clarify educational goals, utilize resources available at USU, and become independent learners. Read more...

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Student Athlete Services Uses GradesFirst to Increase Student Retention

Within Student-Athletes Services, we are committed to providing the highest quality educational support services to all student-athletes before, during, and after their tenure as Utah State student-athletes, leading to the ultimate goal of graduation.  We provide the tools and resources necessary to help a student-athlete navigate the college environment, to optimize academic success and eventual graduation, all the while facilitating the development of the student-athletes as students and people of the community. Read more...

Retention is a campus-wide effort.Twice a year this newsletter will provide you with information about current initiatives focusing on student success, which are in place throughout the Utah State University system.