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Vehicle Accident Report

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Vehicle Insurance Coverages

The University's automobile insurance coverage extends to all University vehicles used for authorized purposes. See USU's Vehicle Use Policy.

USU employees who choose to drive their own vehicles for University purposes should understand their own insurance is primary coverage with University coverage as secondary.

The University's automobile liability insurance imposes a $10,000 deductible on any accident involving a University vehicle in which the driver has received a citation within the 12 months prior to the accident for any of the following reasons:

  1. At fault in an automobile accident.
  2. Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs
  3. Reckless driving

This deduction is not operative if the driver has completed an approved Safe Driving Course subsequent to receiving the citation. An approved Safe Driving course video is available from the Personnel Office.

Property (damage/collision) insurance for University owned vehicles is available through the State Division of Risk Management. The deductible is $500 per incident. Departments are asked to inventory and verify vehicle ownership and submit insurance requests to Risk Management Services each year in May. If damage insurance is not purchased, no damage insurance claim can be made.

Vehicle Accident Insurance Claim Procedures

CALL THE POLICE at the scene of the accident, if possible. The police will give an impartial report and document the time, place and damages done to the involved vehicles. It is important that a USU Vehicle Accident Report be completed by the driver with accident details and an accurate description of the damages. All USU claims are submitted by USU Risk Management Services to the State Division of Risk Management (DRM) in Salt Lake City. The DRM insurance adjuster evaluates the accident and repair details in order to authorize payment.

USU at Fault -- USU Vehicle

Damage is subject to the $500 deductible when insured. This also applies to single vehicle accidents (no fault) such as hitting a deer. The driver should call USU Risk Management Services and submit:

  1. USU Vehicle Accident Report with police report number and other driver information.
  2. An estimate of repair from Millers Autobody for the damaged USU vehicle.

The USU vehicle's department is responsible for repair and payment to the shop. When insurance recovery is approved and received, USU Risk Management will deposit a State of Utah check into the designated department account.

If damages exceed the value of the vehicle, it is considered totaled. Only the State Division of Risk Management can determine if a USU vehicle is totaled. The DRM will usually send an adjuster to assess the vehicle's damage and authorize a recovery check for the estimated value of the vehicle to the department. The vehicle will be towed off campus for salvage.

USU at Fault -- Other Vehicle

The other vehicle owner should call USU Risk Manage-ment Services and submit:

  1. Police report or name of officer and report number
  2. A copy of the vehicle registration with owners name, address and phone number
  3. At least two estimates of repair

The insurance recovery check will usually be sent directly to the other vehicle owner who should arrange and pay for repair.

Other Driver at Fault -- USU vehicle

The USU driver should contact the insurance agent of the other liable driver to get insurance recovery instructions. Risk Management can offer assistance in the initial contact, but recovery negotiations are often more efficient and timely when performed by the involved department.

Unsure of Liability

In some accidents no citations are given or fault is not apparent and may be split. In these cases, the USU driver should refrain from statements regarding probable liability or inferences of commitment for the University. Call USU Risk Management Services and submit:

  • USU Vehicle Accident Report
  • Police report and other driver information. It is very important to get the other driver's insurance agent and phone number
  • An estimates of repair from Millers for the damaged USU vehicle

The DRM adjuster will work with the other insurance agent and issue fair insurance recovery.