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Risk Management Services

Hazard Reporting

Emergency Situations

When presented with an emergency such as a malfunction of critical utility, fire, broken lines, power failures or equipment failure that presents imminent danger to life, limb, or property, call 911.

Minor problems can be reported to Facilities Maintenance at (435)797-3535 or (435) 797-1947 during normal working hours which are 8:00 am-4:30pm, Monday thru Friday or the University Police Department at (435)797-1939 after normal hours.

Hazard Report Form

The following Hazard Report Forms can be downloaded and saved:

Whilst a Hazard Report Form can be used to identify hazards in any area of University operations, consideration of the use of a Service Request should be given for those identified hazards that can be resolved by maintenance action through the Facilities Maintenance Department.

Please note that for staff, the Service Request needs to be submitted through an authorized person from your Unit, usually a Secretary or Administration Assistant. Students can submit the maintenance request through their Residential Adviser (RA). For accommodation issues, or for other campus issues, go directly through the Facilities website Service Request link.

A Hazard Report Form can be used should no action be taken within a reasonable period of time in remedying a normal Service Request .