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Risk Management Services

Frequently Used Forms

Waiver And Consent Forms

Routine Liability Waiver

Used for regular events whereby the University desires to shift the risk of loss to the participant.

Hazardous Activity Waiver

Used for activities that involve known hazardous conditions. Use this form to shift the risk of loss to participants in an activity that has a higher level of risk. (i.e. Rafting Trips, Ropes Courses etc.) (You can also use the optional Informed Consent Form. This form is used for the highest risk activities and asks the participants for additional information about their medical fitness.)

Parental Consent Form

Used to get parental permission for minors (<18 years of age) to participate in University Activities.

Reporting Forms

Driver Represenation Form

To be used to show completion of driver training. (1) copy to go to the motor pool (1) to be retained in the Departments employee file.

Vehicle Accident Report

Used to report motor vehicle accidents involving University operated vehicles.

Property Loss/Bodily Injury Incident Report

Used to report non-vehicle incidents such as property loss, vandalism, theft etc.

Hazard Report

Used to report hazardous situations that need to be evaluated and possibly mitigated by University management.

Passenger Manifest Form

Used when taking trips in University vehicles greater than 10 miles from your home base.

Management Agreements

Facility Use Agreement

Used to allow non-university parties to use University facilities. Form may be completed by a department and forwarded to the Risk Management office (UMC 1445) for review and approval.

Indemnification Agreement

Used in lieu of a complex contract for the sole purpose of shifting the risk of loss associated with an activity to another party.


International Travel Insurance Application

This is for students traveling on internships and other learning opportunities not associated with an organized study abroad trip.

Volunteer Sign-Up Sheet

Use this sheet to sign up volunteers.

Equipment Loan Agreement

Use this form to loan equipement to research participants.