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Sexual Assault & Anti-Violence Information

USU Support Services

SAAVI - Sexual Assault and Anti-Violence Information

Provides support, advocacy, and information in the aftermath of a sexual assault and other forms of interpersonal violence. In addition, SAAVI offers a comprehensive delivery of programs, services, and policies related to creating healthy relationships and violence-free environments for the well-being of all students, faculty, and staff.

Office: USU Student Health & Wellness Center
850 East 1200 North
(north of Romney Football Stadium)

Hours: Monday-Friday, 8am-5pm
Office: 797-1510

SAAVI Hotline:

*After 5pm M-F, on weekends, and on holidays, the USU SAAVI Hotline is answered by CAPSA.

Academic Resource Center

The Academic Resource Center (ARC) provides services and programs that enhance students' academic performance and eases their transition to Utah State University. These services address the academic and developmental needs of students. All programs promote student success by helping the student identify and correct habits that hinder achievement of educational goals. 797-1128

Office of Retention and First Year Experience

The Office of Retention and First-Year Experience (RFY) has a core mission of student success and retention. Through multiple programs and services, RFY works to positively impact and equip students with tools for success as they enter the university, throughout their first year, and throughout their college experience. Among other services, RFY houses the Matriculation Advisor. The Matriculation Advisor (http://www.usu.edu/rfye/loa/) counsels and assists students who opt for a Leave of Absence from the university, as well as assisting these students with their return. 797-1132

Student Health Services

Provides initial evaluation of physical injury and arrangements for examination by SART nurse. Provides STD testing, medication for STD and pregnancy prophylaxis (emergency contraception). Offers periodic workshops regarding important health issues. All registered students and their families are entitled to use the Health Center.

Provides a full array of educational workshops on a variety of health topics, including alcohol and drugs, and the myriad of problems that can accompany use and abuse. Presentations can be tailored to meet the needs of individual groups. Presentation topics include, but are not limited to, the connection between alcohol and violence, the reality of alcohol/drug use at USU, alcohol's impact on the five areas of life (physical, mental/emotional, social, economical, spiritual), and how to prevent problems.

Office: USU Student Health & Wellness Center
850 East 1200 North
(north of Romney Football Stadium) 797-1660

Student Support Services

Student Support Services (SSS) seeks to support disadvantaged students who have potential to meet the challenges of higher education by strengthening and developing their academic and self-management skills. Its focus is to insure that participants in the program have a realistic chance to complete their education and graduate from Utah State University. To accomplish these objectives, SSS provides services to enhance students' academic success, personal skills, and social skills. 797-3372

University Police

Provides a full array of policing, security, and investigative services for Utah State University. In addition, USU PD offers programs on child safety, self-defense, rape and sexual assault, work place violence, and Rape Aggression Defense (R.A.D.) (a women only self-defense course).

Office: 850 East 1250 North (east of the USU softball fields)
Dispatch: 797-1939

24-hour campus personal escort service: 797-1939.

USU Counseling and Psychological Services

Provides services (at no charge) to qualified USU students to assist them in coping with the aftereffects of sexual assault and other forms of violence. Crisis appointments, consultations, and ongoing therapy are available. In addition, the Center provides educational workshops dealing with the issues of sexual assault and interpersonal violence, as well as with healthy relationships, dating, assertiveness, and communication.

Office: Taggart Student Center Room 306
Hours: Monday-Friday, 8am-5pm 797-1012

Center For Women and Gender

Provides referral and resource information, assistance on issues related to gender violence, and maintains subject files on this topic. Provides support, referrals, and scholarship information for survivors of violence.

Office: Taggart Student Center Room 310
Hours: Monday-Friday, 8am-5pm 797-1728