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Some relationships are healthy, safe, and exciting. Healthy relationships are a deep source of happiness and satisfaction; they make life wonderful!

Healthy Relationships are when both people (whether friends, family, or romantic partners) respect one another, are concerned about the other's well-being, work to resolve problems through compromise and negotiation, feel a sense of safety (physical safety, emotional safety, sexual safety, etc.) and feel free to be their true selves.

Other relationships may be confusing and destructive; leaving a person feeling trapped, alone, and scared. These relationships are hurtful.

Abuse is an intentional effort to control or hurt another person through physical, emotional, verbal, sexual, spiritual, and/or financial means. It is a pattern of manipulative behaviors used to gain power and control. These behaviors may gradually become more severe over time.

Dating Violence is a term used to describe abuse in a dating relationship.

Domestic Violence is a term used to describe abuse in a married or cohabitating relationship. Cohabitants are people living in the same house - whether they are married, romantic partners, or just roommates.

Dating and Domestic Violence (hurtful relationships going beyond normal disagreements) is a pattern of controlling or hurtful behavior. Hurtful behaviors can be verbal, emotional, sexual, physical, financial, or spiritual in nature. Violence does not have to be physical to be violence.

Legal Definitions

The Utah Criminal Code (state statutes or laws that describe what criminal behavior is) breaks these definitions into several individual crime categories. These crime categories may include physical assault, sex offenses, theft, stalking, etc. To read Utah laws regarding hurtful relationships: