Society of American Foresters
Centennial Celebration
Intermountain Society Annual Meeting

Please come and enjoy a great time with us.  Look for a chance to see some old friends and find new ones.  The Mission Statement for the Society of American Foresters states that the purpose of our organization is to advance the science, education, technology, and practice of forestry; to enhance the competency of its members; to establish professional excellence; and, to use the knowledge, skills and conservation ethic of the profession to ensure the continued health and use of forest ecosystems and the present and future availability of forest resources to benefit society.  The Intermountain Society is assisting you to accomplish this goal in many ways.

The Intermountain Society is comprised of the Wasatch Front Chapter, SW Idaho Chapter, Color Country Chapter, Nevada Chapter, Upper Snake River Chapter and the students and staff at Utah State University and the University Nevada Reno.  Our membership is flung across a vast portion of our intermountain west.  Within this broad geographic area, including millions of acres of forest and range land, our membership serves the needs of the ecosystems and communities.  To share our experience and continue to advance the profession of forestry we have the opportunity once a year to get together.  An additionally reason to celebrate this year is that it is the Centennial Celebration for the Society of American Foresters.  For the past 100 years professional foresters have been doing what we do today, looking for opportunities to conserve our resources while serving the needs of our communities.  Let me list some of the ways.

Wasatch Front Chapter hosted an outstanding joint meeting with SRM (Society of Range Management) in Ephraim Utah August 5 – 7, 1999.  The meeting focused on the amount of restoration that has occurred in the forest and range land since the early 1900’s when annual spring floods meant lost resources and danger for the inhabitants of the valley below.

For the third year in a row the Intermountain and Inland Empire Societies have cooperated in putting on a Legislative Breakfast for the Idaho Legislators.  The purpose has been to provide a forum for discussion of critical natural resource issues within Idaho.  Look on our web site for this event that has already been scheduled for 2001.

There are numerous other meetings and events that I have not been able to list due to space.  Get a part of the action by reserving April 7 and 8, 2000 to be with us at the Owyhee Plaza in Boise Idaho for another great event.  See you there!

Rod Brevig
Intermountain Society Chair, 2000

Society of American Foresters
Centennial Celebration
Intermountain Society Annual Meeting

Owyhee Plaza Hotel,  Boise Idaho
April 7 & 8, 2000

Friday, April 7, 2000
9:00  am  Load Vans, Owyhee Plaza, 1109 Main St., Boise
9:30  am Hoff Company - Remanufacturing facility, Meridian, Idaho
11:30 am  Board Vans for Emmett (bag lunch @ park) b.y.o.
1:00 pm  Boise Cascade - Veneer, Planer, Co-Generation – Emmett
3:00 pm  Board Vans for return to Owyhee Plaza
4:30 pm  On site registration – Business Meeting @ Owyhee Plaza
5:30  pm  No host social
6:00  pm  Dinner
7:00  pm Forester’s Fund Raffle
7:30 pm  Dr. Fred Wagner, Utah State University, Subject: Global Warming
8:30 pm  Discussion
9:00 pm  Intermountain Society Year 2000 Awards
Rod Brevig – Intermountain Society Chair 2000
  • 50 year Awards
    • George B. Fry
    • Richard Anderson
    • Jack E. Gillette J.E. Sanderson
    • H. Reid Jackson Max Fee
    • John J. (Jack) Lavin Ed Hoffman
  • Forester of the Year Award
  • Special Recognition Intermountain Society Award
9:30 pm  Concluding Comments – Agenda for field trip, Charles Slaughter.

Saturday, April 8, 2000
8:00 am  Load Vans, Owyhee Plaza Hotel 
10:00 am  Reynold’s Creek Experimental Watershed, 
Northwest Watershed Research Center
12:00 pm Bag Lunch (b.y.o.)
1:30 pm  Owyhee County Historical Museum, Murphy, Idaho
4:30  pm  Arrive @ Owyhee Plaza and wrap-up

Society of American Foresters
Centennial Celebration
Intermountain Society Annual Meeting

Please return this form with payment by:  March 24, 2000
City, State:_________________________________
Guest/Spouse Name:_________________________
Half Price for Students
Registration Fee: $20.00 (to assist with transportation & meeting expense)
Banquet: $15.00 Your Choice:     Baked Halibut ___
                                                    Top Sirloin  ___
Total enclosed: $__________   Special Needs      ___

Some Lodging Options:  Please make your own lodging arrangements.

Owyhee Plaza Hotel 800-233-4611 $75 – 85
University Inn 800-345-7170 $49.50 – 62.50
Best Western Safari 800-541-6556 $54 – 70
Shilo Inn, Riverside 800-222-2244 $49.50 – 69
All prices that are listed will have local and room taxes added to them.

Make checks payable to: Society of American Foresters
Return this form with payment to:
  Steve Patterson
  PO Box 1561
  McCall ID 83638

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