Intermountain SAF Officers



Intermountain Society Officers (2018-2020)
Intermountain Society   Snake River Chapter Officers
Chair John Riling Chair G. Lynn Sprague
Past Chair Rick Tholen Past Chair Darrell Kenops
Chair Elect   Chair Elect

Bob Maynard

Policy Chair G. Lynn Sprague Policy Chair Darrell Kenops
Secretary Treasurer Rick Tholen Secretary / Treasurer Jeff Withroe 
CFE Contact Jim Long Program / Education Chair Rick Tholen
Meetings/Program Chair vacant Nevada Chapter Officers
Awards Chair G. Lynn Sprague All vacant
Membership Chair Rod Brevig  
Nat'l Fellows Committee Rep. Doug Page Utah State University Student Officers
Science Chair Justin DeRose  (2017-18 School Year)
Communications Chair John Roberts Co-President Kasy Kliewer
Utah Chapter Officers Co-President Travis Cann
Chair Ted Shaefer Treasurer Trevor Shaefer
Past Chair Bill Branham Secretary Loretta Smith
Chair Elect Tom Adamson Public Relations Gabe Henry
Secretary-Treasurer Doug Page    
Meetings Chair Doug Page   Faculty Representative Julia Burton



SAF Council (2018-20)

Intermountain SAF is represented by  District IV

Beverly Yelczyn


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