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Elizabeth Vargis


College News

USU Industrial Hygiene Students Receive National, Statewide Recognition

Water conservation scholarships available after USU wins the UDWRe H2Oath 'Water Wars'

The Utah Division of Water Resources’ (UDWRe) launched the H2Oath campaign to make individuals aware of the small commitments they can make that can have substantial... [Read More]

Dynamic Duo: USU Biochemists Peg Tandem Halves of Life-Critical Enzyme

USU Executive Associate Science Dean Lisa Berreau Named AAAS Fellow

Utah State University professor Lisa Berreau has been named a Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, one of the nation’s top national science honors...[Read More]

NSF Award Funds New Graduate Climate Adaptation Science Effort at USU

Feast Without Fear: USU Scientist says More Snake Species Resist Toxin

In the animal kingdom, survival essentially boils down to eat or be eaten. How organisms accomplish the former and avoid the latter reveals an immense array of defense mechanisms...[Read More]