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Chemists working on reusable battery redox reactions in the lab

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With 30+ undergraduate degrees and 20 graduate degrees, the college of science and its five academic departments offer many options to students who want to study science at Utah State University.

Science students and Math Advisor Linda Skabelund on the USU Quad

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Our academic advisors are here to help you navigate your studies. Whether you're in need of academic advice or a signature, schedule an appointment with them today.

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Find your bearings and get involved in something you're passionate about. Whether that's research, academic competitions, or student government, there's something for everyone at USU.

The USU Life Sciences Building in Winter 2019

Coming to life

The campaign to build a new Life Sciences Building at Utah State University

Every aspiring Aggie scientist, engineer, physician and teacher, along with those who dream of hundreds of other futures, enters Utah State University with the need for a solid foundation of science learning. Each student yearns for an academic environment that fuels curiosity, discovery and propels them toward life-enhancing, world-transforming opportunities.

USU's College of Science strives to fulfill these dreams by providing critical, gateway courses in biology, chemistry and other disciplines that enable students in all of the university's colleges to reach higher and achieve growing benchmarks of excellence. Read More

Undergrad statistician Tori Bodine, left, with faculty mentor Jeannie Johnson of USU's Department of Political Science

DIY Firearms: USU Statistician Explores When Technology Outpaces Law

Firearms constructed with 3D-printed parts aren’t suited for the long haul. After firing a few rounds, barrels warp, break and they’re ready for disposal. And that’s what provides advantages to criminals. Crafted from plastic, the weapons won’t set off metal...

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USU Undergrad Researcher Explores Emerging 'CRISPR' Technology

Emerging CRISPR (pronounced “crisper”) technology is “all over the news,” says Utah State University Undergraduate Research Fellow Matt Armbrust. “Many think of it as a tool for editing DNA and correctly see its potential for curing diseases,” he says. “Simply...

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Nano' Topic for Science Unwrapped Friday, Feb. 22

“Nano” is a unit prefix meaning “one billionth.” It denotes a factor of 10-to-the-minus-9 or 0.000000001. In other words, something very small. The unit of measure is useful in many areas of science, electronics and engineering. “Nano” is the topic for Utah...

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