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USU's New Life Sciences Building



Coming to life

The campaign to build a new Life Sciences Building at Utah State University

Every aspiring Aggie scientist, engineer, physician and teacher, along with those who dream of  hundreds of other futures, enters Utah State University with the need for a solid foundation of science  learning. Each student yearns for an academic environment that fuels curiosity, discovery and propels  them toward life-enhancing, world-transforming opportunities.

USU's College of Science strives to fulfill these dreams by providing critical, gateway courses in 
biology, chemistry and other disciplines that enable students in all of the university's colleges to reach  higher and achieve growing benchmarks of excellence. Read More

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College News

‘Bee’ Informed: Can You Pick Bees from Insect Lineup?

In ‘The New York Times,’ USU Biologist Joe Wilson reports on survey of public knowledge about bees... [Read More]

IH Awards

Science Unwrapped Shares World with Big Animals Friday, Sept. 15

USU wildlife ecologist Johan du Toit is featured speaker for kick-off of Fall 2017 “Ecology!” series...[Read More]

NSF Award Funds New Graduate Climate Adaptation Science Effort at USU

USU Observatory Welcomes Public Friday, Sept. 15

The planet Saturn is among the celestial targets planned for public viewing night...[Read More]