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Elizabeth Vargis


College News

USU Industrial Hygiene Students Receive National, Statewide Recognition

Finding Fault: USU Geologist Alexis Ault Receives Prestigious NSF CAREER Grant

Unlocking the geologic past of Utah’s mighty Wasatch Fault and its earthquake history, requires a zoomed-in, nanoscale pursuit clues left over millions of years, says Utah State University geologist... [Read More]

Science Unwrapped

Exploring an Energy Game-Changer: USU Chemist Yujie Sun Receives Prestigious NSF CAREER Grant

The world’s current reliance on fossil fuel energy, which is finite and a major source of pollution, begs for new, greener energy solutions. Electrochemical...[Read More]

NSF Award Funds New Graduate Climate Adaptation Science Effort at USU

Up, Up and Away: USU Chemists say 'Yes,' Helium Can Form Compounds

Can helium bond with other elements to form a stable compound? Students attentive to Utah State University professor Alex Boldyrev’s introductory chemistry lectures would immediately respond...[Read More]