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Chemists working on reusable battery redox reactions in the lab

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With 30+ undergraduate degrees and 20 graduate degrees, the college of science and its five academic departments offer many options to students who want to study science at Utah State University.

Science student and Math Advisor Linda Skabelund on the USU Quad

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Our academic advisors are here to help you navigate your studies. Whether you're in need of academic advice or a signature, schedule an appointment with them today.

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Find your bearings and get involved in something you're passionate about. Whether that's research, academic competitions, or student government, there's something for everyone at USU.


Coming to life

The campaign to build a new Life Sciences Building at Utah State University

Every aspiring Aggie scientist, engineer, physician and teacher, along with those who dream of  hundreds of other futures, enters Utah State University with the need for a solid foundation of science  learning. Each student yearns for an academic environment that fuels curiosity, discovery and propels  them toward life-enhancing, world-transforming opportunities.

USU's College of Science strives to fulfill these dreams by providing critical, gateway courses in 
biology, chemistry and other disciplines that enable students in all of the university's colleges to reach  higher and achieve growing benchmarks of excellence. Read More

Artist Mark Pomilio with 'Carbon Blue,' a work he created for the University of Michigan. He envisions a similar approach for the work he’s creating for USU’s Life Sciences Building. Courtesy Mark Pomilio.

Coming to Life: The 'Work' of Art at USU

What’s your favorite work of art on the USU campus? Is it James Russell’s celebratory Sojourn near Old Main? Or could it be Joseph Kinnebrew’s whimsical SNAFU (better known as “The French Fries”)? Perhaps your sentimental heart has a soft spot for... Continue Reading

USU ecologist Noelle Beckman and colleagues publish findings about incorporating seed dispersal into plant life-histories in the June 18, 2018, issue of the 'Journal of Ecology.'

USU Ecologist says Seed Dispersal Ability Linked to Plants' Life Cycles

Though mostly rooted in the ground, plants have a number of innovative ways to disperse their seeds and get on with the business of propagation. They drop seeds or release them to the wind. Or they fling seeds with a dramatic mechanical detonation... Continue Reading

USU Biochemist and Colleagues Imagine World Beyond Fossil Fuel

Freeways choked with traffic, supermarkets laden with fertilizer-grown stock from distance fields and virtually everything we touch derived from petroleum-based plastics. It’s hard to imagine life beyond our fossil-fueled world. Black gold has brought... Continue Reading