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Name Title Phone Email
Adams, Dr. Brett A. Associate Professor (Biology) 435-797-7107 brett.adams@usu.edu
Alston, Dr. Diane G. Professor (Biology) 435-797-2516 diane.alston@usu.edu
Anderson, Dr. Anne J. Professor (Biology) 435-797-3407 anderson@biology.usu.edu
Anderson, Dr. David (Andy) Principal Lecturer / PreHealth Advisor (Biology) 435-797-1913 andy@biology.usu.edu
Anderson, Dr. Ian M. Professor (Mathematics & Statistics) 435-797-2822 ian.anderson@usu.edu
Aust, Dr. Steven (Steve) D. Professor (Chemistry & Biochemistry) 435-797-2730 sdaust@cc.usu.edu
Baker, Dr. Michelle A. Associate Professor (Biology) 435-797-7131 mbaker@biology.usu.edu
Barakat, Dr. Abdallah R. Research Associate Professor (Physics); Center for Atmospheric and Space Sciences 435-797-2988 abdallah.barakat@usu.edu
Barkworth, Dr. Mary E. Associate Professor (Biology) / Director, Intermountain Herbarium 435-797-1584 mary@biology.usu.edu
Beard, Dr. Karen Adjunct Assistant Professor (Biology) 435-797-8220 karen.beard@usu.edu
Beasley, Dr. LeRoy B. Professor (Mathematics & Statistics) 435-797-3248 leroy.b.beasley@usu.edu
Berreau, Dr. Lisa M. Interim Dean / Professor (Chemistry and Biochemistry) 435-797-3515 lisa.berreau@usu.edu
Bialkowski, Dr. Stephen E. Professor (Chemistry & Biochemistry) 435-797-1907 stephen.bialkowski@usu.edu
Boettinger, Dr. Janis L. Adjunct Professor (Geology) 435-797-4026 janis.boettinger@usu.edu
Boldyrev, Dr. Alexander (Alex) I. Professor (Chemistry & Biochemistry) 435-797-1630 A.I.Boldyrev@usu.edu
Bornholdt, Dr. Bryan Lecturer (Mathematics & Statistics) 435-797-2651 bryan.bornholdt@usu.edu
Bregenzer, David (Dave) D. Principal Lecturer (Mathematics & Statistics) 435-797-2420 dave.bregenzer@usu.edu
Brodie, Jr., Dr. Edmund Professor & Director of Graduate Studies (Biology) 435-797-2489 brodie@biology.usu.edu
Brown, Dr. David E. Assistant Professor (Mathematics & Statistics) 435-797-3224 david.e.brown@usu.edu
Brown, Dr. Robert (Bob) S. Associate Professor (Chemistry & Biochemistry) 435-797-0545 bob.brown@usu.edu
Brown, Jacob C. Electronics and Instrumentation Technician (Chemistry & Biochemistry) 435-797-1614 jacob.brown@usu.edu
Bushman, Dr. Shaun B. Adjunct Assistant Professor (Biology) 435-797-2901 shaun.bushman@usu.edu
Campbell, Ted J. Lecturer (Mathematics & Statistics) 435-734-9958, ext. 234 t.j.campbell@usu.edu
Cane, Dr. James (Jim) H. Adjunct Professor (Biology) / Research Entomologist 435-797-3879 Jim.Cane@ars.usda.gov
Cangelosi, Dr. James (Jim) S. Professor / UMEP Director (Mathematics & Statistics) 435-797-1415 jim.cangelosi@usu.edu
Cannon, Dr. Lawrence (Larry) O. Professor (Mathematics & Statistics) 435-797-2829 larry.cannon@usu.edu
Chang, Dr. Cheng-Wei (Tom) Associate Professor (Chemistry & Biochemistry) 435-797-3545 tom.chang@usu.edu
Chen, Jack Lab Manager (Chemistry & Biochemistry) 435-797-1610 jack.chen@usu.edu
Child, Geraldine (Geri) Staff Assistant III (Chemistry & Biochemistry) 435-797-0544 geri.child@usu.edu
Cliften, Dr. Paul Assistant Professor (Biology) 435-797-7627 paul.cliften@usu.edu
Coburn, James M. Teaching Laboratory Coordinator (Physics) 435-797-3014 james.coburn@usu.edu
Corcoran, Dr. Christopher (Chris) D. Associate Professor (Mathematics & Statistics) 435-797-4012 chris.corcoran@usu.edu
Coster, Dr. Daniel (Dan) C. Associate Professor (Mathematics & Statistics) 435-797-2815 dan.coster@usu.edu
Cutler, Dr. Adele Professor (Mathematics & Statistics) 435-797-2761 adele.cutler@usu.edu
Cutler, Dr. D. Richard Department Head / Professor (Mathematics & Statistics) 435-797-0244 richard.cutler@usu.edu
Daddow, Jean Staff Assistant (Geology) 435-797-1273 geology@usu.edu
Davidson, Dr. Bradley (Brad) S. Associate Professor (Chemistry & Biochemistry) 435-797-1628 brad.davidson@usu.edu
Davis, Ryan Insect Diagnostician (Biology) 435-797-2435 ryan.davis@biology.usu.edu
Dehler, Dr. Carol Assistant Professor (Geology) 435-797-0764 carol.dehler@usu.edu
Demars, Dr. Howard G. Research Associate Professor (Physics); Center for Atmospheric and Space Sciences 435-797-2903 howard@theory.cass.usu.edu
Dennison, Dr. John (J.R.) Professor (Physics) 435-797-2936 jr.dennison@usu.edu
Dobrowolska, Margaret Staff Assistant II (Chemistry & Biochemistry) 435-797-1618 margaret.d@usu.edu
Dobrowolski, Dr. Piotr Manager, Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Facility/EPR (Chemistry and Biochemistry) 435-797-1673 piotr.d@usu.edu
Durham, Susan Statistician (Biology) 435-797-1337 sdurham@biology.usu.edu
Edwards, Dr. Farrell Professor (Physics) 435-797-2855 farrell@cc.usu.edu
Ensign, Dr. Scott A. Professor (Chemistry & Biochemistry) 435-797-3969 scott.ensign@usu.edu
Ernest, Dr. Morgan Assistant Professor (Biology) 435-797-8751 morgane@biology.usu.edu
Evans, Dr. C. Kent Assistant Professor (Biology) 435-797-2504 kente@ext.usu.edu
Evans, Dr. E. W. (Ted) Professor (Biology) 435-797-2552 ewevans@biology.usu.edu
Evans, Dr. James (Jim) Professor (Geology) 435-797-1267 james.evans@usu.edu
Fairbourn, Camille Lecturer (Mathematics & Statistics) 435-734-9958, ext. 237 camille.fairbourn@usu.edu
Farrelly, Dr. David Professor (Chemistry & Biochemistry) 435-797-1608 david.farrelly@usu.edu
Fejer, Dr. Bela G. Professor (Physics) 435-797-3627 bfejer@cc.usu.edu
Fels, Dr. Mark Associate Professor (Mathematics & Statistics) 435-797-0774 mark.fels@usu.edu
Fiesinger, Dr. Donald (Don) Associate Professor (Geology, Retired 435-797-2480 don.fiesinger@usu.edu
Flores, John Senior Lecturer (Biology) 435-797-8194 jflores@biology.usu.edu
Forester, Dr. Craig B. Adjunct Associate Professor (Geology)  
Galloway, Luke Systems Administrator (Computer Science) 435-797-7839 lukeg@cc.usu.edu
Gilbertson, Dr. Tim Professor (Biology)/ Associate Department Head / Associate Director, Center for Advanced Nutrition 435-797-7314 tim.gilbertson@usu.edu
Gilson, Tracy Manager, Chem Stores (Chemistry & Biochemistry) 435-797-1616 tracy.g@usu.edu
Grilley, Dr. Michelle Research Assistant Professor (Biology) 435-797-3604 michelle@biology.usu.edu
Griswold, Dr. Terry Adjunct Assistant Professor (Biology) 435-797-2526 Terry.Griswold@ars.usda.gov
Hansen, Dr. Dane Research Assistant Professor (Biology) 435-797-7548 daneh@biology.usu.edu
Hansen, Dr. Steven Research Associate Professor (Physics); Center for Atmospheric and Space Sciences 435-755-4343 jsh@chaos.idec.sdl.usu.edu
Hanson, Genie Accounting Assistant II / Graduate Secretary (Computer Science) 435-797-2451 genie@cc.usu.edu
Harris, Douglas (Doug) Lecturer (Chemistry & Biochemistry) 435-797-1609 doug.harris@usu.edu
Harris, Marianne Greenhouse Manager (Biology) 435-797-3341 marianne@biology.usu.edu
Harrison, Nancy Kay Administrative Assistant (Biology) 435-797-1770 nancykay@biology.usu.edu
Hayes, Dr. Pattie Assistant Professor (Mathematics & Statistics) 435-722-1756 pattie.hayes@usu.edu
Heal, Dr. E. Robert (Bob) Professor (Mathematics & Statistics) 435-797-2853 robert.heal@usu.edu
Heaton, Erika Office Assistant (Biology) 435-797-2496 eheaton@biology.usu.edu
Hedin, Kellie Sponsored Programs Administrator 435-797-0470 kellie.hedin@usu.edu
Held, Dr. Eric D. Associate Professor (Physics) 435-797-7166 eheld@cc.usu.edu
Hengge, Dr. Alvan C. Department Head / Professor (Chemistry & Biochemistry) 435-797-3442 alvan.hengge@usu.edu
Hevel, Dr. Joan (Joanie) M. Assistant Professor (Chemistry & Biochemistry) 435-797-1622 joanie.hevel@usu.edu
Hirschi, Lori Office Manager (Geology) 435-797-0515 lori.hirschi@usu.edu
Hooper, Rand Research Technician (Biology) 435-797-3567 rhooper@biology.usu.edu
Howard, Kris Budget Officer (Biology) 435-797-2483 kris@biology.usu.edu
Howland, Dr. Peg Assistant Professor (Mathematics & Statistics) 435-797-3302 peg.howland@usu.edu
Hubbard, Dr. John L. Associate Professor (Chemistry & Biochemistry) 435-797-1641 john.hubbard@usu.edu
Hubbard, Dr. Mary S. Vice Provost for Global Engagement / Professor (Geology) 435-797-3515 mary.hubbard@usu.edu
Hughes, Dr. Joanne E. Research Assistant Professor (Biology) 435-797-3552 hughesje@biology.usu.edu
Hunter, Maegan Business Assistant (Biology) 435-797-7604 maegan@biology.usu.edu
Huntly, Dr. Nancy J. Director, USU Ecology Center / Professor (Biology) 435-797-2555 nancy.huntly@usu.edu
IT Staff Help Desk, (Biology)   435-797-0445 helpdesk@biology.usu.edu
James, Dr. Rosalind Adjunct Assistant Professor (Biology) 435-797-0530 rjames@biology.usu.edu
Janecke, Dr. Susanne Professor (Geology) 435-797-3877 susanne.janecke@usu.edu
Jenkins, Joseph Development Director 435-797-3510 joseph.jenkins@usu.edu
Jensen, Sharon Administrative Assistant (Physics) 435-797-2848 jensen@cc.usu.edu
Jiang, Dr. Minghui Assistant Professor (Computer Science) 435-797-0347 mjiang@cc.usu.edu
Johnson, Dr. Sean Assistant Professor (Chemistry & Biochemistry) 435-797-2089 sean.johnson@usu.edu
Johnson, JanaLee H. Undergraduate Advisor 435-797-2481 janalee.johnson@usu.edu
Johnson, Shawna H. Administrative Assistant (Center for Atmospheric & Space Sciences) 435-797-2962 shawna@cc.usu.edu
Jones, Vicki Dean's / Development Assistant (College of Science Dean's Office) 435-797-2488 vicki.jones@usu.edu
Joy, Brian Staff Assistant (Biology) 435-797-2485 brian@biology.usu.edu
Kar, Dr. Tapas Research Assistant Professor (Chemistry & Biochemistry) 435-797-7230 tapas.kar@usu.edu
Kobe, Yvonne Assistant Director, Health Professions, Career Services, Office of Vice President for Student Services 435-797-2577 yvonne.kobe@usu.edu
Koebbe, Dr. Joseph (Joe) V. Associate Professor (Mathematics & Statistics) 435-797-2825 joe.koebbe@usu.edu
Kohler, Dr. Brynja Assistant Professor (Mathematics & Statistics) 435-797-2826 brynja.kohler@usu.edu
Kokoszka, Dr. Piotr Professor (Mathematics & Statistics) 435-797-0746 piotr.kokoszka@usu.edu
Kolesar, Dr. Peter (Pete) Associate Professor Emeritus (Geology) 435-797-3282 peter.kolesar@usu.edu
Kropp, Dr. Bradley (Brad) R. Associate Professor (Biology) 435-797-3738 brkropp@biology.usu.edu
Kulyukin, Dr. Vladimir Assistant Professor (Computer Science) 435-797-8163 vladimir.kulyukin@usu.edu
Lachmar, Dr. Tom Associate Professor (Geology) 435-797-1247 tom.lachmar@usu.edu
Larsen, Judy Staff Assistant (Physics) 435-797-2979 judyl@cc.usu.edu
Larson, Dr. Michelle B. Vice Provost 435-797-1121 michelle.larson@usu.edu
Larson, Dr. Shane L. Assistant Professor (Physics) 435-797-8838 s.larson@usu.edu
Lefevre, Dr. Michael USTAR Professor (Biology) 435-797-3821 michael.lefevre@usu.edu
Lewis, Dr. Randolph (Randy) USTAR Professor (Biology / Synthetic Bio-Manufacturing) 435-797-9291 randy.lewis@usu.edu
Li, Dr. Joseph K.-K. Professor (Biology) 435-797-1914 josephli@biology.usu.edu
Liddell, Dr. Dave Professor / Department Head (Geology) 435-797-1261 dave.liddell@usu.edu
Lim, Dr. SeungJin Assistant Professor (Computer Science) 435-797-3319 lim@cc.usu.edu
Lindahl, Alice Lecturer (Biology) 435-797-4063 alindahl@biology.usu.edu
Logsdon, Richard Glass Blower (Chemistry & Biochemistry) 435-797-1617 dick.logsdon@usu.edu
Lowry, Dr. Anthony (Tony) R. Assistant Professor (Geology) 435-797-1273 tony.lowry@usu.edu
MacMahon, Dr. James (Jim) A. Trustee Professor (Biology)   jim.macmahon@usu.edu
Mano, Dr. Chad Assistant Professor (Computer Science) 435-797-0959 chad.mano@usu.edu
Mathias, Dean Instructor (Computer Science) 435-797-2336 dean.mathias@usu.edu
McCalpin, Dr. James P. Adjunct Research Associate Professor (Geology)   mccalpin@geohaz.com
Mendelson, III, Dr. Joseph (Joe) R. Adjunct Associate Professor (Biology)   jmendelson@zooatlanta.org
Messina, Dr. Frank J. Professor (Biology) 435-797-2528 messina@biology.usu.edu
Miller, Dr. Kent Research Professor (Physics); Center for Atmospheric and Space Sciences 435-797-3592 miller@logan.cass.usu.edu
Moore, Dr. William Professor Emeritus (Chemistry & Biochemistry) 435-797-1634 william.moore@usu.edu
Mora, Claudia Lecturer (Mathematics & Statistics) 435-797-2434 c.a.mora@usu.edu
Morgan, Sue Lecturer (Geology) 435-797-2176 sue.morgan@usu.edu
Mott, Dr. Keith A. Professor (Biology) 435-797-3563 kmott@biology.usu.edu
Moulton, Cindy Staff (Mathematics & Statistics) 435-797-2595 cindy.moulton@usu.edu
Mueller, Dr. Richard (Dick) J. Associate Dean / Associate Professor (Biology) 435-797-2479 richard.mueller@usu.edu
Muffoletto, Mary-Ann College Writer / Public Relations Specialist 435-797-3517 maryann.muffoletto@usu.edu
Mukhopadhyay, Dr. Supratik Assistant Professor (Computer Science) 435-797-3267 supratik@cc.usu.edu
Murray, Marion IPM Project Leader (Biology) 435-797-0776 marion.murray@usu.edu
Norton, Dr. Jeanette Adjunct Associate Professor (Biology) 435-797-2166 jennyn@cc.usu.edu
O'Brien, Dr. Gary Research Associate Professor (Geology) 435-797-7097 gary.obrien@usu.edu
Oaks, Dr. Robert (Bob) Professor Emeritus (Geology)   boboaks@comcast.net
Park, Dr. MieJung Research Assistant Professor (Biology) 435-797-2160 miejung.park@usu.edu
Parker, Dr. Vernon D. Professor (Chemistry & Biochemistry) 435-797-1697 vernon.parker@usu.edu
Passey, Teresa Budget/Information Officer 435-797-3515 teresa.passey@usu.edu
Peak, Dr. David Professor (Physics) 435-797-2884 peakd@cc.usu.edu
Pederson, Dr. Joel Associate Professor / Undergraduate Advisor (Geology) / Director, USU Luminescence Laboratory 435-797-7097 joel.pederson@usu.edu
Perkins, Erika Staff (Mathematics & Statistics) 435-797-2809 erika.perkins@usu.edu
Pfrender, Dr. Mike Associate Professor (Biology) 435-797-7623 pfrender@biology.usu.edu
Piep, Michael B. Assistant Curator, Intermountain Herbarium (Biology) 435-797-0061 fungi@biology.usu.edu
Pitts, Dr. James Assistant Professor (Biology) 435-797-8872 jpitts@biology.usu.edu
Pitts-Singer, Dr. Theresa Adjunct Assistant Professor (Biology) 435-797-0581 tsinger@biology.usu.edu
Podgorski, Dr. Gregory (Greg) J. Associate Professor (Biology) 435-797-3712 podgorski@biology.usu.edu
Popendorf, Dr. William J. Professor (Biology) 435-797-2566 popendorf@biology.usu.edu
Potter, Alex CIL Director 435-797-7050 alex.potter@usu.edu
Powell, Dr. James (Jim) A. Professor (Mathematics & Statistics) 435-797-1953 jim.powell@usu.edu
Qi, Dr. Xiaojun Associate Professor (Computer Science) 435-797-8155 xiaojun.qi@usu.edu
Ransom, Karalee Academic Advisor (Physics) 435-797-4021 karalee.ransom@usu.edu
Ravindran, Balaji Staff (Mathematics & Statistics) 435-797-4061 balaji.r@usu.edu
Rex, Martha Receptionist (Chemistry & Biochemistry) 435-797-1619 chemistry@usu.edu
Riffe, Dr. Mark Associate Professor (Physics) 435-797-3896 riffe@cc.usu.edu
Rittenour, Dr. Tammy Research Assistant Professor (Geology) / Manager, USU Luminescence Laboratory 435-213-5756 tammy.rittenour@usu.edu
Roberts, Dr. Donald W. Research Professor (Biology) 435-797-0049 dwroberts@biology.usu.edu
Rowley, Dr. Eric Assistant Department Head / Principal Lecturer (Mathematics & Statistics) 435-797-2808 eric.rowley@usu.edu
Savitzky, Dr. Alan "Al" Department Head / Professor (Biology) 435-797-2485 savitzky@usu.edu
Scheiner, Dr. Steve Professor (Chemistry & Biochemistry) 435-797-7419 steve.scheiner@usu.edu
Scherliess, Dr. Ludger Assistant Professor (Physics) 435-797-7189 ludger.scherliess@usu.edu
Schmidt, Dr. John (Jack) C. Adjunct Professor (Geology) 435-797-1791 jack.schmidt@usu.edu
Schneiter, Dr. Kady Assistant Professor (Mathematics & Statistics) 435-797-2820 kady.schneiter@usu.edu
Schunk, Dr. Robert W. Professor (Physics) / Director, Center for Atmospheric and Space Sciences (CASS) 435-797-2974 robert.schunk@usu.edu
Seefeldt, Dr. Lance C. Professor (Chemistry & Biochemistry) 435-797-3964 lance.seefeldt@usu.edu
Shen, Dr. Tsung-Cheng (T.C.) Professor (Physics) 435-797-7852 tcshen@cc.usu.edu
Shervais, Dr. John Department Head / Professor (Geology) 435-797-1274 john.shervais@usu.edu
Shope, Joseph C System Administrator (Biology) 435-797-0445 jshope@biology.usu.edu
Sinex, Dr. Donal (Don) G. Adjunct Professor (Biology) 435-797-8921 don.sinex@usu.edu
Singh, Dr. Ajay K. Research Associate Professor (Physics) 435-797-4363 ajay.singh@usu.edu
Skabelund, Linda Staff (Mathematics & Statistics) 435-797-0268 linda.skabelund@usu.edu
Smart, Nancy Staff (Mathematics & Statistics) 435-797-0244 nancy.smart@usu.edu
Smith, Dr. Laurens (Larry) Vice Provost / Professor (Biology) 435-797-0718; larry.smith@usu.edu
Sojka, Dr. Jan Josef Department Head / Professor (Physics) 435-797-2964 jan.sojka@usu.edu
Stark, Dr. John M. Professor (Biology) 435-797-3518 jstark@biology.usu.edu
Starks, JoAnn Staff Assistant (Biology) 435-797-2513 joann@biology.usu.edu
Stevens, Dr. John R. Assistant Professor (Mathematics & Statistics) 435-797-2818 john.r.stevens@usu.edu
Stocking, LuAnn Business Manager (Chemistry & Biochemistry) 435-797-8338 luann.stocking@usu.edu
Sullivan, Dr. Kimberly (Kim) A. Associate Professor (Biology) 435-797-3713 yejunco@biology.usu.edu
Symanzik, Dr. Juergen Associate Professor (Mathematics & Statistics) 435-797-0696 juergen.symanzik@usu.edu
Takemoto, Dr. Jon Y. Professor (Biology) 435-797-0671 jon@biology.usu.edu
Tarboton, Dr. David G. Adjunct Professor (Geology) 435-797-3172 david.tarboton@usu.edu
Taylor, Dr. Michael (Mike) J. Professor (Physics) 435-797-3919 mtaylor@cc.usu.edu
Thompson, Dr. Russell Professor (Mathematics & Statistics) 435-797-2812 russell.thompson@usu.edu
Torre, Dr. Charles G. Assistant Department Head / Professor (Physics) 435-797-3426 torre@cc.usu.edu
Triplett, Tonya C. Lecturer (Physics) 435-797-8308 tcaldwell@cc.usu.edu
Turner, Dr. Kathryn Associate Professor (Mathematics & Statistics) 435-797-2817 kathryn.turner@usu.edu
Twitchell, Jackie Receptionist (Chemistry & Biochemistry) 435-797-1619 chemistry@usu.edu
von Dohlen, Dr. Carol D. Associate Professor (Biology) 435-797-2549 cvond@biology.usu.edu
Wallace, David Senior Lecturer (Biology) 435-797-7155 dwallace@biology.usu.edu
Wang, Dr. Zhi-Qiang Professor (Mathematics & Statistics) 435-797-3529 zhi-qiang.wang@usu.edu
Wardell, Shelly Staff Assistant III to Dept Head & Graduate Programs Committee (Biology) 797-1909 shelly@biology.usu.edu
Washbourne, Ian Biogeochemistry Technician (Biology) 435-797-7008 iwashbourne@biology.usu.edu
Watson, Dr. Dan Interim Department Head / Associate Professor (Computer Science) 435-797-2440 dan.watson@usu.edu
Welker, Dr. Dennis L. Associate Professor (Biology) / Director of Undergraduate Studies 435-797-3552 welker@biology.usu.edu
Wheeler, Dr. Gregory (Greg) Assistant Professor (Mathematics & Statistics) 435-722-1714 greg.wheeler@usu.edu
Wheeler, Dr. James T. Associate Professor (Physics) 435-797-3349 jwheeler@cc.usu.edu
White, Dr. Ethan Assistant Professor (Biology) 435-797-2097 epwhite@biology.usu.edu
Wickwar, Dr. Vincent B. Professor (Physics) 435-797-3641 vincent.wickwar@usu.edu
Wilczynski, Dr. Dariusz M. Associate Professor (Mathematics & Statistics) 435-797-0747 dariusz.wilczynski@usu.edu
Williams, Dr. Stanley (Stan) C. Professor (Mathematics & Statistics) 435-797-2833 stanley.williams@usu.edu
Wolf, Dr. Paul G. Professor (Biology) 435-797-4034 wolf@biology.usu.edu
Wood, Bob Network System Specialist (Computer Science) 435-797-3205 bob.wood@usu.edu
Yan, Dr. Changhui (Charles) Assistant Professor (Computer Science) 435-797-2570 charles.yan@usu.edu
Yang, Dr. Haeyeon Assistant Professor (Physics) 435-797-8111 yang@cc.usu.edu
York, Dr. David A. USTAR Professor (Biology) / Director, Center for Advanced Nutrition 435-797-2578 david.york@usu.edu
Zhu, Dr. Lie Research Associate Professor (Physics); Center for Atmospheric and Space Sciences 435-797-2967 lie.zhu@usu.edu