The College of Science is served by an advisory board of college alumni with expertise in varied fields in academia, industry and public service. Its members provide invaluable ideas, insights and advice to assist the college in providing quality programs for its students and advancing the college's goals.



Rick Bartschi
Bountiful, Utah
BS '97, Computer Science, USU
Dana Farmer
Ogden, Utah
BS '94, Geology/Hydrogeology, USU
JD '97, University of Idaho College of Law
Leland Foster
Logan, Utah
BS '71, Microbiology, Weber State University
PhD '75, Biology, USU 
Charles Hendricks
Livermore, California
BS '49, Physics, USU
MS '51, Physics, University of Wisconsin
PhD '55, Physics, University of Utah
John Clark Nelson
Centerville, Utah
BS '65, Zoology, USU
MD '69, University of Utah School of Medicine
Ruth Novak
Salt Lake City, Utah
BS '58, Mathematics, Physics minor, USU
MS '60, Mathematics, Statistics minor, USU
Kent Voorhees
Golden, Colorado
BS '65, Chemistry, USU
MS '68, Chemistry, USU
PhD '71, Chemistry, USU
Robert Wardle
Logan, Utah
BS '81, Chemistry, USU
PhD '86, Chemistry, California Institute of Technology
Terry Whitmore
Tacoma, Washington
BS '68, Zoology, Truman State University (formerly Northeast Missouri State University)
MS '71, Entomology, USU
PhD '75, Entomology, USU