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Elizabeth Vargis


College News

Nobel Laureate, USU Alum Lars Hansen Relates ‘Fun, Intellectual Journey’ w/ Aggie Scientists

Say “Nobel Prize” to most people and they probably think about it as one of the highest honors a person can receive, for work that can be relatively hard to the average person to understand... [Read More]

Science Unwrapped

One-of-a-Kind? Or Not. USU Geneticist Studies Formation of New Species

At what point on the journey along the branches of the evolutionary tree does a population become its own, unique species? And is a species still distinct, if it mates with a different, but closely related...[Read More]

NSF Award Funds New Graduate Climate Adaptation Science Effort at USU

Food on Mars, Food on Earth: NASA Taps USU Scientists for Space Quest

Can earthlings live on Mars? They can if they develop self-sufficiency. NASA is betting on a multi-institution team of the best and brightest, including Utah State University scientists, to create the....[Read More]