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Chemists working on reusable battery redox reactions in the lab

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With 30+ undergraduate degrees and 20 graduate degrees, the college of science and its five academic departments offer many options to students who want to study science at Utah State University. [Read More]

Science student and Math Advisor Linda Skabelund on the USU Quad

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Our academic advisors are here to help you navigate your studies. Whether you're in need of academic advice or a signature, schedule an appointment with them today. [Read More]

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Find your bearings and get involved in something you're passionate about. Whether that's research, academic competitions, or student government, there's something for everyone at USU. [Read More]

USU's New Life Sciences Building


Coming to life

The campaign to build a new Life Sciences Building at Utah State University

Every aspiring Aggie scientist, engineer, physician and teacher, along with those who dream of  hundreds of other futures, enters Utah State University with the need for a solid foundation of science  learning. Each student yearns for an academic environment that fuels curiosity, discovery and propels  them toward life-enhancing, world-transforming opportunities.

USU's College of Science strives to fulfill these dreams by providing critical, gateway courses in 
biology, chemistry and other disciplines that enable students in all of the university's colleges to reach  higher and achieve growing benchmarks of excellence. Read More

College News

In USU's Sculpture Lab, undergraduate art student Justin Tolman puts the finishing touches on 'Utahraptor,’ his sculpture of Utah’s state dinosaur.

Aggie Art Student, USU Geology Unveil 'Utahraptor' Friday, April 20

Dinosaurs aren’t monsters, says Utah State University art student Justin Tolman. Rather, they were magnificent creatures worthy of awe and study. Tolman unveils a sculpture of Utahraptor, a dromaeosaurid that inhabited Utah some 125 million years ago, Friday, April 20, at 5 p.m. in the... [Read More]

Nobel Laureate John 'Jan' Hall, right, and his wife, Lindy Hall, celebrate his 2005 Nobel prize.

Nobel Laureate Physicist, Educator Talk 'Lasers, Time, Relativity, Career'

The Utah State University community is invited to hear insights about lasers, time, relativity and career pursuits from Nobel Laureate John L. “Jan” Hall and educator Lindy Hall Tuesday, April 17, 2018, at 3 p.m. in the Animal Science Building, Room 118... [Read More]

USU's Science Unwrapped Makes the Invisible, Visible Friday, April 20

Can you picture how a strand of DNA winds and unwinds or how a virus punctures a healthy cell? How do scientists envision molecular and cellular processes invisible to the human eye?

The answer? They get some help from art. [Read More]