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Undergraduate Advising

Biology Advising

Josh Wardle
Advising for: Biology (BA, BS)
Phone : (435) 797-7906
Office: BNR 101

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Richard Mueller
Advising for: Biological Science (Composite Teaching) (BA, BS)
Phone: (435) 797-2479
Office: ESLC 245 G

Carl Farley
Advising for: Public Health (BA, BS)
Phone: (435) 797-2566
Office: BNR 323

Chemistry and Biochemistry Advising

Geri Child
Advising for:
-Chemistry Teaching (BS)
-Chemistry (BS, BA)
-Physical Science(Composite Teaching) (BS)
-Biochemistry (BS)
Phone : (435) 797-0544
Office: MCL 140

Geology Advising

Thomas Lachmar
Advising for:
-Geology (BA, BS)
-Earth Science (Composite Teaching) (BA, BS)
Phone : (435) 797-1247
Office: GEOL 210

Mathematics and Statistics Advising

Linda Skabelund
Advising for: 
-Mathematics/Statics (Composite) (BA, BS)
-Mathematics/Statics Education (Composite) (BA, BS)
-Statistics (BA, BS), Mathematics (BA, BA)
-Mathematics Education (BA, BS)
Phone : (435) 797-0268
Office: ANSC 117

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Physics Advising

Karalee Ransom
Advising for:
-Physics (BA, BS)
-Physics Teaching (BS)
-Physical Science (Composite Teaching) (BS)
Phone : (435) 797-4021
Office: SER 250 D