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College of Science Research News


Food on Mars, Food on Earth: NASA Taps USU Scientists for Space Quest

Wednesday, Mar. 01, 2017

Can earthlings live on Mars? They can if they develop self-sufficiency. NASA is betting on a multi-institution team of the best and brightest, including Utah State University scientists, to create the necessary technology and put it in...[Read More]


One-of-a-Kind? Or Not. USU Geneticist Studies Formation of New Species

Thursday, Feb. 23, 2017

At what point on the journey along the branches of the evolutionary tree does a population become its own, unique species? And is a species still distinct, if it mates with a different, but closely related, species? Evolutionary biologist Zach Gompert of Utah State University explores these...[Read More]


Exploring an Energy Game-Changer: USU Chemist Yujie Sun Receives Prestigious NSF CAREER Grant

Tuesday, Feb. 14, 2017

The world’s current reliance on fossil fuel energy, which is finite and a major source of pollution, begs for new, greener energy solutions. Electrochemical water catalysis or “water splitting,” the chemical reaction by which water is separated into oxygen and hydrogen, is one...[Read More]


Finding Fault: USU Geologist Alexis Ault Receives Prestigious NSF CAREER Grant

Tuesday, Feb. 14th, 2017

Unlocking the geologic past of Utah’s mighty Wasatch Fault and its earthquake history, requires a zoomed-in, nanoscale pursuit clues left over millions of years, says Utah State University geologist Alexis Ault. And what better detectives to assist her in the task than energetic youngsters, whose curiosity...[Read More]


Up, Up and Away: USU Chemists say 'Yes,' Helium Can Form Compounds

Monday, Feb. 06, 2017

Can helium bond with other elements to form a stable compound? Students attentive to Utah State University professor Alex Boldyrev’s introductory chemistry lectures would immediately respond....[Read More]


Undergrad Chemists among Aggies Headed to Utah's Capitol Hill

Tuesday, Jan. 24, 2017

What if you could take noxious greenhouse gasses and turn them into usable fuel? What if you could explain the inner workings of a nasty bacterium that causes life-threatening illness in humans? Those are questions Utah State University undergraduates Alyssa Sam and Jenna Hawley Bouvang are ....[Read More]


Pitching in: USU Biologists Study Evolution of Labor Division in Bees

Thursday, Jan. 19, 2017

With access to so much information on the Web, on TV and in print, it’s hard to determine what’s fact and what’s fiction...[Read More]


'Ant-like' Bees Among New Desert Species Tabbed by USU Entomologist

Tuesday, Jan. 10, 2017

Though declines in bee populations have heightened awareness of the importance of pollinating insects to the world’s food supply, numerous bee species remain undescribed or poorly understood.....[Read More]