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S-L Course Designation

Beginning in the spring of 2014 USU faculty have
been offered the opportunity to designate their courses as Service-Learning (SL) in the schedule of classes listed in USU Banner. Service-Learning at USU is defined as a teaching method that utilizes student involvement in community service to meet instructional objectives of a course. Students apply information from a class in authentic settings while addressing real needs of the community that have been identified by the community.
Service-learning is not adding on “volunteer” activities to a course. It is integrating service in such a way that students apply the knowledge and skills they are learning in class to meet community needs. The service activity is incorporated as part of the “out-of-class” work expected of each student registered in the course. The students’ learning experience is graded and is measured through prearranged reflection activities. Reflection is an essential element of a service-learning course. It is a structured time for students to recount their experiences and the learning acquired in the community setting. It can be accomplished in a number of different ways, depending upon the instructor’s preference. Some common forms of reflection include writing in journals, answering specific questions, or classroom/small group discussions.