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Applications due Nov 21st

What the A-Team Is:

The A-Team is USU’s New Student Orientation Staff who are trained to help new students and their parents through the transition to college. The A-Team has been in existence for more than 25 years and is known for their love of waffles, dance parties, music, USU traditions, and helping others.

Requirements to be on the A-Team:

The A-Team is chosen because of their enthusiasm, interpersonal skills, work ethic and unique personality. Each member adds their own personal touch to the way they mentor new students. Not only are members hired for their personality and skills, but also for their ability to devote adequate time and effort to the position, the team and their students.

Other Responsibilities of the A-Team are:

  • To serve as a representative of the university at all times
  • To learn about university police, procedures, and resources as well as student transition theory
  • To present information to large and small groups
  • To be available to mentor students and to answer questions accurately and quickly
  • To perform other duties related to orientation and retention

Application Processes:

Students may apply for the A-Team on Career Aggie October 29- November 21 at 5pm. If you have any problems with career aggie while apply for the A-Team, please contact Career Services at 435-797-7777.


Wednesday, October 29 at 5pm in TSC 105

Group Interviews will be held at various times throughout December 1-3 Individual Interviews, if selected, will be held at various times throughout December 4-10 The 2015 A-Team will be posted at 5pm on Friday, December 12


You are thrown together with 40 of your future best friends. The harder we worked together, the closer we got. The A-Team is my family. – Kaitlin Archibald

What does it take to be on the A-Team? A completely selfless desire to help your fellow Aggies. Your biggest reward is their success. – Kaitlin Archibald

I have loved belonging to a family that truly cares about the well-being and success of USU and its students. –Brenton Hull

Being on the A-team has given me skills that are essential for and applicable to just about any other job or career I will ever have. It has taught me how to more effectively communicate and work with others, how to be a leader, and how to learn things quickly. – Sam Meredith

You have to be committed and willing to work hard (and have TONS of fun) if you join the A-Team. – Jordan Wilkes

To be on the A-Team you need to be dedicated to helping the incoming students. This isn't just another summer job, we are the first ones to really reach out and communicate with the incoming students so it needs to be a good experience for them. – Cortney Palmer

Unlike you might think though, you don't have to be a really outgoing person to be really successful at this important job you just need to genuinely care about each and every student that you come in contact with. – Cortney Palmer

Something I loved about being on the A-team was the ability to help incoming students feel confident about their schedule. It was really satisfying to go to a student who is in tears and turn it all around for them. - Spencer

I love being on the A-team because I get to spend my summer working with my best friends, while showing incoming students how GREAT it is to be an Aggie! – Kelsey Hawkes

By being on the A-Team I inherited a second family and have grown so much in how I present myself and communicate with other people. I have been able to see others grow and succeed in life. – Taylee Anderson

What does it take to be on the A-team? To be a welcoming friend. Every student that comes to SOAR is entering an exciting new chapter of their live, but they have no idea what to expect. The A-Team is there is help them with that transition. Yes, we teach them about university facts and we tell them where to park, but we are so much more. We are their first friend, if not friendly face, they will meet at the University once they have decided to attend. We give them someone that they can contact with questions and concerns. We take the edge off of that whole "I'm coming to college" realization. – Chandler Whitlock