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Alex Hollingsworth

Hometown: Logan, UT

"Be who you want to be and embrace it. College is a fresh start, allow it to be. Get out of your comfort zone, meet new people, do things that you never thought you would do, laugh a lot and make memories that you can tell stories about forever--I promise you won't regret it."

Allie Haas

Hometown: Pleasant Grove, UT

"Try new things! If not now, then when?!"

Annakeya Evans

Hometown: Farmington, UT

"A happy outlook on life can make a world of difference. Remember to be flexible, life is full of changes."

Ashley Hill

Hometown: Vernal, UT

"Be brave, try new things, and go out of your comfort zone. It's hard and it's scary but I believe that's what Utah State is all about; doing things that you thought were impossible and life becoming better than you could have ever imagined."

Austin Emch

Hometown: Riverton, UT

"Don't worry about everything. Enjoy life, do your best, and be content with how things work out."

Bailey Dunn

Hometown: Phoenix, AZ

"Be yourself. Be grateful."

Blake Harms

Hometown: Centerville, UT

"Ask for Help!"

Briana Wipfler

Hometown: Beaver, UT

"Do what makes you happy! Set goals and work hard to achieve them, take study breaks when you need to, and really invest in time to make lifetime friendships! Also don't forget that stressed spelled backwards is desserts."

Bridget Baldwin

Hometown: Cedar Hills, UT

"Fake it until you make it! Keep your head up and begin college with confidence! You're a capable young adult who will catch on to this college thing in no time."

Ciara Sobas

Hometown: Charleston, SC

"Get involved and out of your shell! The more you put yourself out there, the better your college experience will be. The people you meet and the activities that you participate in will impact your life forever so take advantage of all opportunities that come your way!"

Ciara St. Clair

Hometown: Phoenix, AZ

"College is a place to be yourself- 100% yourself! Get involved and take advantage of everything USU has to offer!"

Cody Davis

Hometown: Jerome, ID

"I would say, you need to push yourself when it comes to school, but have fun while doing it. You only have one time to have a college experience, so take advantage of it!"

Elijah Toa

Hometown: Clearfield, UT

"Get out of your comfort zone."

Emi Facer

Hometown: Kaysville, UT

"There's always a place for you at Utah State University. Have fun, keep up on homework, stay up late, go to games, make new friends and enjoy the best years of your life!"

Erik Gray

Hometown: Cedar City, UT

"Don't be afraid to meet new people and try new things. Do your homework, but don't forget to have a little fun along the way."

Gillian Olson

Hometown: Smithfield, UT

"Make friends with the people in your classes and with your professors. Everything is a whole lot easier when you can talk to someone about class or life!"

Haley Packard

Hometown: Yakima, Wa

"Laugh often, study hard, smile big, learn lots, shoot for the moon, and choose to be happy! Whatever you choose to be, be a good one."

Hannah Domgaard

Hometown: Syracuse, UT

"Learn what you love and then love what you learn. Life was meant to be lived so make sure to make the most of your college experience by being the best student you can as well as the best friend you can be. If you do those things then you will be pleasantly surprised with all the incredible memories you will make."

Heather Lieber

Hometown: Farmington, UT

"If we're living comfortably, we're not learning anything. Always pursue things and expose yourself to situations that make you uncomfortable. That is when we become better and truly thrive!"

Isabel Truax

Hometown: Salem, UT

"Sleeping and studying do magical things. Don't underestimate them."

Jenna Dey

Hometown: Salem, UT

"Don't get too caught up in all of the school work, allow yourself to let loose and have some fun."

Jesse Steadman

Hometown: Tooele, UT

"Being an Aggie is one of the most unique and exciting opportunities you will experience in your life. Here at Utah State University there are so many different opportunities to get involved and meet new people on campus who share the same interests as you. Our university also has some amazing traditions that you do not want to miss out on, welcome to the Aggie family and get ready for an amazing experience you can only get here, in Logan Utah!"

Joe Busby

Hometown: Logan, UT

"Don't let the resources USU has to offer go to waste. Take advantage of your time here at an amazing university and grasp the opportunities that will play a hand in shaping your experience at USU."

Karina Hernandez

Hometown: Rexburg, ID

"Reach out and cultivate a strong support group. For some of us, it can be hard and it may be out of our comfort zones to reach out to cultivate strong, new friendships, but college will be more difficult without them."

Kevin Graf

Hometown: St. George, UT

"Go to every event that you are able to. Be involved!"

Ladan Mohamed

Hometown: Ogden, UT

"The purpose of attending Utah State University is not just to get your degree and leave. MAKE YOUR MARK! Don't get so self-involved that you forget to lend a helping hand to your fellow Aggies."

Madison Alger

Hometown: Cedar City, UT

"Don't let the pressures of finishing school as fast as possible hinder you from enjoying your college years. They will go by faster than you can ever imagine."

Maranda Haderlie

Hometown: North Logan, UT

"Jump in with both feet, you will only regret the things you don't do. Adventure is out there!"

Marquelle Gray

Hometown: Lehi, UT

"Go out of your comfort zone! It may feel totally uncomfortable at first, but it will be totally worth it!"

Mary Dowden

Hometown: South Jordan, UT

"Explore your class options, you may find a new interest or a new major. Take every opportunity to do new things!"

Matthew Illario

Hometown: Sandy, UT

"Attend every class! It may be easy to sleep in, but class is an important part of your coursework."

Max Heine

Hometown: South Joran, UT

"Be open and friendly to everyone. You never know where your next best friend might come from."

Michael Peters

Hometown: West Jordan, UT

"Love college! You are at Utah State University!!!"

Mitchell Stevens

Hometown: Riverdale, UT

"Work hard, study hard, play hard."

Mitchell Thornhill

Hometown: Tempe, AZ

"Live a balanced life. Make time for everything."

Morgan McKay

Hometown: Preston, ID

"Get out and get involved! I have met so many of my friends because I went out and got involved in volunteer committees and clubs. You will (probably) only do college once so do it right and make the most of it."

Nathan Lundberg

Hometown: River Heights, UT

"Do your homework! You will get the grade you study for!"

Ricky Coles

Hometown: Sandy, UT

"Always do the hard things first."

Shayla Snow

Hometown: Sandy, UT

"Don't be afraid to get out of your comfort zone. Go to events in the hopes of meeting new people and your year will be a grand one!"

Sydney Longurst

Hometown: River Heights, UT

"Take advantage of the time you have in college to become the most incredible version of yourself. Embrace change, try new things, work hard, and have a good attitude -- you never know how much potential you have until you let yourself become that person!"

Todd Brown

Hometown: Hooper, UT

"Be yourself and have fun! You are coming to THE BEST university. Take every opportunity you can with a smile and live with no regrets and you will have the best time of your life! LETS GO!"

Wade Purdy

Hometown: Farmington, UT

"Don’t be so self-involved that you forget about what really matters: people. Being thoughtful of others will relieve stress for you and for them, so take time to help a classmate with homework, take out the trash for your roommates, or lend a listening ear to a friend."