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Alex Hollingsworth

Hometown: Logan, UT

Be who you want to be. Don't be afraid to step out of your comfort zone, gain friendships, get involved, be responsible & most importantly have fun.

Alex Remund

Hometown: Duchesne, UT

Get involved. Whether it is getting involved with clubs, groups, sports, or activities. The closer your bond with others is the greater likelihood you will develop a powerful support group that will help you maximize your effectiveness as a student, enjoy a wonderful time here at Utah State, and embrace future opportunities.

Amanda Lundholm


Much of your college experience will be determined by your attitude. Seek challenging opportunities and new friendships with gratitude and optimism.

Ashlee Giblette


Utah State is your opportunity to create new friends, habits, memories, and progress in your schooling. Embrace your time here and make it the best college experience you can!

Ashley Waddoups


Learn to love yourself more than you currently do. Increased self-respect has made it possible for me to confidently address the great challenges and the great opportunities I've had in college.

Austin McDermott


College will present a lot of challenges and test how you deal with failure. Don't let those failures trick you into thinking that you can't accomplish something great, if you're willing to put in the effort and learn from your failures, you'll be amazed at what you can achieve.

Bailey Dunn


Sure life can be hard, but if you make the best of every moment there is no such thing as a bad day.

Breanne Yamouchi


Create a good relationship with everyone you come in contact with. It's not what you know, but who you know, that counts.

Brenton Hull

Hometown: South Jordan, UT

Being a USU Aggie gives us the wonderful opportunity to learn, grow, and enjoy life to the fullest, but it all depends on our attitude. Have fun, work hard, and be good.

Chandler Whitlock

Hometown: Bountiful, UT

College can be challenging, but it’s doable. Take advantage of the Student Services available to you like the Math/Stats tutoring Lab; there are great resources designed to help you excel in your academics.

Devon Anderson


You can never re-live a moment missed during your college experience! Seriously, study hard so you can play hard!

Emily Grandstaff

Hometown: Pocatello, ID

Take a variety of classes to find out what you're really interested in, and take yourself out of your comfort zone because that's what makes the Utah State experience memorable.

Erik Hill


Search for a Major that will interest you and will bring you happiness and satisfaction. Learn to make sacrifices and set important stepping stones to achieve it.

Haley Norman

Hometown: Afton, WY

Visit each of your professor's during their office hour, they love the company and are willing to give you extra help. And don't forget to have fun and try new things; college is an ADVENTURE.

Heather Lieber


Find a way to see everything as a win-win situation. Every change in your life can be a positive one with the right perspective.

Ireland Maguire

Hometown: Logan, UT

College is a time for many fun adventures if you just say “yes,” but don’t overdo it at the expense of your education. Also, never leave your clothes in the washer too long after the cycle has completed or it will be somebody else wearing them around campus.

Jake Taylor

Hometown: Bountiful, UT

Don't be afraid to make mistakes. College is about learning who you want to become and mistakes are a huge part of that.

Jordan Floyd

Hometown: South Jordan, UT

Find your passion and give it the justice it deserves -- lose sleep over it, daydream about it, pursue it with all that you have and never look back. Your time spent in college is too short to be tentative, so go and make a life out of your passion.

Jordan Lowe


What looks cool is not always cool, but being YOU is always cool. Just be you and that is cool!

Justina Campbell

Hometown: West Valley City, UT

College is a fresh start to the rest of your life, so treat it like one. Go on new adventures, meet new people, gain a new outlook on life, explore every opportunity given, practice better habits, smile more, and always show your AGGIE pride!

Kaitlin Archibald

Hometown: Centerville, UT

College is all about the people you meet; value them above all else. Don’t graduate thinking, “I wish I would have gotten to know that person better.”

Krista Stocke


Don't be afraid to be true to yourself; take classes you are interested in, join a club that supports something you are passionate about, and do anything that will help mold you into the person you dream of becoming.

Kylee Hopkin

Hometown: Lewisville, TX

Don't be afraid if things seem overwhelming! Everyone feels that way at some point and there are so many people just waiting to help you, so ask!

Lauren Resendes


Before you can do anything else, you have to show up. Actually go to class, and I promise you will do better.

Lindsey Kim


Always have these things on hand: fruit snacks and a set of headphones. These two things will save your life during those long nights at the library.

London Breinholt


Learn how to balance your time with all the things you want to accomplish but don't spread yourself too thin. Be willing to take risks and don't stand in your own way!

Mark Bell


Time management is a very important part of your college career. Get a planner, then use your planner.

Mary Dowden


Explore your class options, you may find a new interest or potentially your declared major. Take every opportunity to do new things!

Matthew Clegg


Push yourself into territory that has been intimidating in the past. Eliminating personal "comfort zones" is the easiest way to become more confident in yourself and to have a meaningful college experience.

Mitchell Stevens


It is important to be balanced and study what you love in college. Make sure to play hard and study hard.

Max Benson


Don't try to take shortcuts. Learn, grow, and make your time at Utah State an experience rather than just going through the motions!

Mitchell Thornhill


Don't be scared to spend large amounts of time at the library. There are so many academic resources at USU so take advantage of them.

Rachel Hilton

Hometown: Henderson, NV

Take charge of your college experience, you decide what kind of experience you have. Use your time in college to develop important, life-long skills. College will change your life if you let it!

Richard Coles


Take as many DANCE classes you possibly can. Don't forget to do everything with your heart and a big smile!

Ryan Jensen


Organize your time by using a planner. Schedule specific times to go to class, study, do homework, and of course, make sure to leave time for FUN!

Sam Meredith

Hometown: Salt Lake City, UT

Don't be afraid to ask questions even if you think they're stupid. If it's something that concerns you, then it's important, and there will always be someone who is more than happy to help you figure it out.

Sawyer Hemsley

Hometown: Preston, ID

It is important to learn the art of time management, for often time social life is put before homework and other important items of business. Keep a planner, be organized, and get good grades! “Who doesn’t love the spot where THE SAGE BRUSH GROWS!”

Shayla Snow


Don't be afraid to get out of your comfort zone and of course become a True Aggie!

Thomas Buttars

Hometown: Logan, UT

Find time to get involved. All the knowledge in the world won't help you if you come out of college with no experience or no relationships. Don't fear failure. Fear not trying.

Thomas Rogers

Hometown: Sandy, UT

Make sure, as an Aggie, you get out and experience what the Aggie life is all about. Go to as many USU Basketball games and athletic events as you can.

Tim Barton


Don’t be afraid to declare a major if you are feeling unsure. Find an area that interests you, see what you can learn, and go from there.

Zach Jensen


Don’t be so self-involved that you forget about what really matters: people. Being thoughtful of others will relieve stress for you and for them, so take time to help a classmate with homework, take out the trash for your roommates, or lend a listening ear to a friend.