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SOAR stands for Student Orientation, Advising, and Registration, and that is a good summary of what you will accomplish through the program.


Here we've provided a list of our most frequently asked questions!

How do I know who my advisor is?

Every major has a specific academic advisor. If you have not yet decided on a major, there are undeclared advisors located within the University Advising Center who are ready to help you discuss your areas of interest and general education options. You will meet with an academic advisor at SOAR and receive contact information for future appointments. You can also browse the list of academic advisors at http://catalog.usu.edu/content.php?catoid=3&navoid=412

Will I have a one-on-one advising appointment at SOAR?

Most students will be in a group advising session, however the advisors are willing to make sure each of your questions are answered. The student-to-advisor ratio varies by major but is usually very small. Advising sessions are broken up by major so you will attend your advising session with other students in your major. This allows you to hear the questions that other students have, as well as ask your own. Undeclared students will speak to an advisor from the University Advising Center. The student-to-advisor ratio for undeclared students is generally 6-1, and the advisors stay until each student has had their questions answered.

What do I do after I have registered for SOAR?

You will receive notification at your Utah State e-mail account shortly after your deposit has been received. You will also receive a detailed confirmation letter as your SOAR date approaches. This letter will contain a parking pass, map, and detailed check-in information. While you are at SOAR you will meet with your advisor and register for/or modify your schedule of classes.

Before you attend SOAR, you will want to make housing arrangements and any needed financial aid arrangements.

How do I change my major?

Officially changing your major in the system requires a form that can be found in the Registrar's Office. The official paperwork can be handled once you are on campus. If you wish to speak to the academic advisor of a major different from your listed major while at SOAR, simply notify the SOAR office and we will arrange for the correct advising appointment. Please do not fill out a second registration form.

When will I register for classes?

You will register at SOAR. If you register for SOAR before May 1 (fall semester) you will have the opportunity to submit an early registration request. You will select a few classes that have been specified in advance by your academic advisor. While at SOAR you will receive this preliminary schedule and you will meet with your advisor to tailor the schedule to your individual needs. A-Team members will be on hand to help you modify your schedule.

Will I get the orientation day that I want?

Orientation dates are filled on a first-come, first-served basis. You will be notified of your SOAR date via e-mail a few days after you submit your Enrollment Confirmation and Deposit. We realize that sometimes there are circumstances that require you to attend on a certain day. Please give us a call and we will discuss the available SOAR options.

How do I choose a major?

Utah State offers excellent career exploration opportunities. PSY 1220, Career and Life Planning, and PSY 1730, Strategies for Academic Success, are good classes to take. The Career Services office can help you determine your areas of interest. For more information visit http://www.usu.edu/career/. It is a also a good idea to take a general education class in your area of interest to see if you enjoy the subject.

When do I have to choose a major?

You will want to select a major before you have earned 60 credits (usually after sophomore year). If you are still undeclared at this point, a hold will be placed on your registration until you have consulted with the University Advising Center to discuss your options and interests.

How do I get a job?

The online job board is available at http://www.usu.edu/studemp/. This contains a list of both on-campus and off-campus job opportunities.

Are there jobs on campus?

Utah State employs over 6,500 people and most of these employees are students.

How do I apply for financial aid?

You will begin by submitting the FAFSA through the federal government. Visit
http://www.usu.edu/finaid/ for detailed financial aid information or give them a call at (435) 797-0173.

How do I get tickets to games?

Once you pay your student fees, varsity sporting events are free. Some club sports, such as men's hockey, charge a few dollars with your student I.D. Simply show your student I.D. at the door to gain access to a sporting event. If you want to buy tickets for family members or other non-Utah State students you may buy them online at

When do I pay for tuition and fees?

You will know how much you owe for tuition and fees once you have finished registering at SOAR. You are not required to pay them at SOAR, however. There are tuition and fee payment deadlines for each semester. The fall semester fee payment deadlines are in August. The University does not send you a bill. You will learn how to access your account and pay your tuition and fees while you are at SOAR.

Where do I park if I have a car?

If you are living on campus you will have the opportunity to purchase a parking permit for your specified parking lot during the first week of school (typically $40-80 for the year). Your Resident Assistant will inform you of how this is done. If you are living off-campus, there are a few shuttle routes that serve parking areas and local apartment complex areas. Most students purchase an economy permit for $22 and park in the stadium parking lot. For details go to: http://www.usu.edu/parking/.

Do I need a personal computer?

There are 11 open access computer labs on campus with up-to-date technology. Your student I.D. card will allow you to access the labs for free. You also have 30 free laser printouts per semester in the labs (these do not roll over to the next semester). All on-campus residence halls are equipped with an Ethernet port and the whole campus is wireless enabled, so if you do have a computer you will have high-speed internet access.

The Computer Solutions section of the bookstore offers excellent educational prices on computers and accessories. Computer Solutions is also able to help you make your existing computer "Ethernet ready" while providing expert assistance and prices that are generally lower than other stores in Logan.

When, where, and how can I buy my books?

The Utah State Bookstore has all books for classes offered at Utah State. Once you have your schedule of classes, go to http://www.campusstore.usu.edu/ and select "Book-It" under the textbooks section. This site allows you to browse your needed textbooks and purchase them in advance. Bookstore employees will pull your books (you can specify if you want new or used books). Once you arrive on campus you pick up your box of books and you are on your way! Textbooks are returnable for a full refund until the second Friday of the semester (as long as you haven't used them), so if you drop a class you have the option to return it!

I think my AP credits can waive a class. How can I find out?

Your advisor will look at your AP credits and let you know how they will apply to your degree requirements. You can view the AP lists at http://catalog.usu.edu/content.php?catoid=3&navoid=176

Am I able to test out of certain classes?

Some students are able to demonstrate a proficiency in certain subjects without taking the actual class. For more information about CLEP testing visit http://catalog.usu.edu/content.php?catoid=3&navoid=176

What is the recommended course load for a freshman?

You need 120 credits to graduate from Utah State University. In order to graduate in eight semesters you will need to average 15 credits per semester. If you are taking 12 credits you are considered a full-time student by University standards. First-semester students generally take between 12-15 credits. Even though this means you will only be in class about 12-15 hours per week, you will need plenty of time to do homework. If you are unsure about how many credits you can handle, it might be a good idea to start out with 12-14 and add more the next semester if you are able to handle it. It's better to start on a good note and to get a handle on your first-semester classes so make sure you take a comfortable course load.

What is the cost of living?

A Utah resident will usually pay about $13,785 per year at Utah State. For more detailed information visit: http://aaa.usu.edu/FactsFigures/GlanceExpenses.asp.

When can I move in to my dorm?

Contact the housing office at (800) 863-1085 for move-in dates for your semester.

What is University Connections?

University Connections is a course designed to ease your transition to Utah State and to prepare you for your college experience. It is the place to be if you want to gain an edge and learn exactly what it takes to be successful at Utah State. The course provides opportunities to explore the university environment, develop academic connections, and discover ways to broaden your educational experience. Students who attend Connections can move into their residence hall room early and have a chance to acclimate to the environment before the rigors of the semester begin. There are many social opportunities so many students meet their best friends while at Connections.

When do I get my student ID card?

You will get your ID card at SOAR. If you are doing SOAR online, you will receive an ID card voucher in your SOAR packet. Go to the card office in TSC 212 to pick up your packet and redeem the voucher.

How do I set up my university e-mail account?

Log into the Access system with your A-number and USU password. Once you have logged into the system, select "Personal Information" and then "Create/Delete Aggiemail Account."

Why do I have to pay a $100 University Deposit?

The purpose of the deposit is threefold, and is refundable until May 1st.

First by paying the deposit, you are officially telling Utah State that you plan to attend, thus guaranteeing your place in the freshman class.

Second, the earlier you indicate your intentions to attend Utah State, the better prepared administrators and staff will be to meet your individual needs related to course availability and advising.

Third, students who submit their University Enrollment Confirmation and pay the deposit before the deadline (May 1 for Fall Semester) will be allowed to submit an early registration request with their University Enrollment Confirmation. First-year students are not allowed to register for classes until they participate in SOAR.

Can I bring a guest, other than my parent to SOAR?

A few students choose to bring a guest to SOAR that is not a parent or guardian. These guests are welcome and typically attend the parent orientation program. We cap the number of students at each SOAR day so we can provide optimal attention and service. Guests are discouraged from attending the student program because the program is more effective for everyone when the number of participants is limited to a small group of students.