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Leave of Absence & Deferment

Returning from DEFERMENT – Student

If you previously deferred your admission to Utah State University and are now ready to attend, please refer to the following checklist for your next steps.


Make sure you have been deferred to the semester you actually intend to return. Some students who have deferred their admission decide to come back earlier or later than they originally indicated on their request.

Contact the Leave of Absence Department 435-797-1132 or leaveofabsence@usu.edu to check the status of your deferment.


In order to get registered for classes and confirm your intent to attend USU, you will need to sign up for, and attend the Student Orientation, Advising, and Registration (SOAR) program.

SOAR will help your student do the following:

  • Familiarize themselves with USU Campus
  • Learn important policies, deadlines, and resources
  • Receive their student ID card
  • Meet with an academic advisor and plan their first semester of classes
  • Meet other new students
  • Feel confident about USU before school begins

The time you return from Deferment will determine when you should register for, and attend SOAR:

To sign-up for SOAR you or your student should go to www.usu.edu/soar.

If you have problems or questions while you or your student are signing up for SOAR please feel free to contact the SOAR Department at 435-797-0283 or soar@usu.edu.

  • If you are unable to register for yourself because you are still away on deferment, assign a parent or trusted adult as a delegate. A delegate has permission to act in your behalf and will make the process of returning from leave much easier. You will need to go to http://id.usu.edu, choose the “security phrase” option and enter the information for your parents or other trusted individuals.
  • Consider Math Placement. It’s in your best interest to start math right away while it’s still fresh on your mind, and so it doesn’t take you longer to graduate. To make sure students enroll in a math class that matches their skill set, USU has implemented a math placement exam that most incoming students need to take. You can find out if you need to take the Math Placement Exam at here
  • Sign-up Your Parents for Parent Orientation . While you attend SOAR, your parents will be given the chance to participate in the Parent orientation offered concurrently with SOAR. Parent Orientation provides an opportunity to meet with University administrators and to receive direct answers from official University sources. We cover a wide array of services and resources available to students and family members, as well as important topics relevant to helping a student go through the transition to college.


  • Apply for financial aid. The application for financial aid begins in January for the following academic year, and must be applied for annually. Therefore, if you will begin school in August you should apply for aid in January prior to starting school. The free online application can be found at: https://fafsa.ed.gov. This application requires tax information but can serve as a great resource to help you pay for college.
  • Activate Scholarships. If you were awarded USU scholarships through the admissions office you should have returned the acceptance letter before leaving for deferment. When you return from deferment the scholarship will become active automatically.
  • If you were awarded a departmental or private endowment scholarship, you will need to make sure their scholarship is re-activated by contacting the donor/department directly.
  • Pay Tuition. Make sure you pay your Tuition & Fees by the assigned due date. If you neglect to pay your Tuition & Fees by the deadline your courses will be dropped, requiring you to re-register.

For more information about Financial Aid contact the Financial Aid office at (435) 797-0173 or at finaid@usu.edu

You can view the tuition dates and deadlines at http://catalog.usu.edu . Additional information about tuition, fees, and a link to the online payment system can be found here (http://www.usu.edu/registrar/htm/tuition ).


On-Campus housing is a great place for you to live for your first experience as a college student. Living on campus can help you adjust to college life in a social atmosphere while giving you easy access to the resources you need. For more information and to print off a housing application visit www.usu.edu/housing , or contact housing at (800) 863-1085, and info@housing.usu.edu