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Leave of Absence & Deferment

LOA Long Term Return- STUDENT

If you are a current USU student returning from a Leave of Absence refer to the following checklist for you next steps.


If you will be returning to USU earlier or later than you originally submitted on your Leave of Absence request, you or an assigned delegate should contact the Leave of Absence Department at (435) 797-1132 or at leaveofabsence@usu.edu.


It is highly recommend that you meet with your academic advisor before registering for your first semester back.

You can find the advisor for your major by visiting advising.usu.edu.


University secure passwords reset once a year regardless of whether you have used them or not. You can reset your secure password at www.usu.edu/myusu to register for the semester you plan to return.

Registration for Summer semester is in early April, Fall semester is in Mid-April, and Spring semester is in Mid-November. You can check the exact dates for each academic year at http://www.usu.edu/registrar/htm/registration/dates.

If you will not be home in time for priority registration, make sure your parents have been assigned as delegates so that they will have permission to help you during your leave. To assign delegates go to http://id.usu.edu, choose the “security phrase” option, and enter the information for your parents or other trusted individuals. You can also refer your parents to the www.usu.edu/sots/loa webpage. Along with checklists for students we have included instructions for parents that will help them know how to assist and register for you while you are on leave.

Don't forget to pay tuition. If you miss the tuition payment deadline your classes will be dropped, requiring your re-register. You can view tuition rates and details here


  • Activate Scholarships. If you were awarded USU scholarships and submitted a Leave of Absence request at www.usu.edu/loa , these scholarships were put on hold and will automatically reactivate upon your return.

    If you were awarded departmental, regents, or other private endowment scholarships you will need to contact the department/donor directly to activate these specific scholarships.

  • Plan Ahead for Financial Aid. The time you should apply for financial aid is dependent upon when you will be returning to USU. The application for financial aid begins in January for the following academic year, and must be applied for annually. Therefore, if you will begin school in August you should apply in January prior to starting school. The free online application can be found at fafsa.ed.gov This application requires tax information but can serve as a great resource to help you pay for college.

  • Student Loans. If you have student loans you will need to contact your service provider directly to make sure you know the status of your loan. Most loan service providers can be found by completing the log-in at http://nslds.ed.gov . If you have a Perkins Loan the service provider is Justin Gereau located on USU campus, and you may contact him at (435) 797-1057 or justin.gereau@usu.edu.

For more information about Financial Aid contact the USU Financial Aid office at (435) 797-0173 or at finaid@usu.edu


On-Campus housing is always a great option! Living on campus can help you adjust to college life in a social atmosphere while giving you easy access to the resources you will need. For more information and to print off a housing application visit www.usu.edu/housing, or contact housing at (800) 863-1085, or info@housing.usu.edu


If you learned a foreign language while on your leave of absence, you may be eligible to earn up to 16 academic credits by taking a language exam. Please see lpsc.usu.edu for more information and a list of language tests offered.

We’re excited to have you back as part of the Aggie family!