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Applying for Admission to Student Support Services?

In order to be considered for participation in Student Support Services, you must be enrolled at USU main campus. After you complete and submit this application, it will be placed in a candidate pool to establish our 2015-2016 participant group. SSS serves 190 students annually. Once the program has met the required number of students, any other prospective participants will be placed on a waiting list until spaces are available. Qualifying for participation in the SSS program is competitive. Applications with missing information will not be reviewed.

Complete applications are reviewed by the SSS staff and decisions are made based on academic need and personal information provided on the SSS application. As there are a limited number of spaces available in the SSS program, priority will be given to:

- Students who are both low-income and first-generation
- Low-income students with disabilities who require educational accommodation
- Alumni of other TRIO program
- Students with educational histories reflecting a need for academic support
- Students who are motivated to make full use of TRIO services.

All applicants will receive an email informing them of acceptance for an interview or placement on the waiting list for SSS by September 15th.  If you are not notified by that date, contact our office directly at 435-797-3372.

Remember:  Admission to the program is not automatic. Completed applications will be evaluated for eligibility and fit with the SSS program services. Decisions about whether students are accepted for an interview are based upon available space and whether we would be able to assist you in the completion of your college degree. Students finally selected for the program will be contacted to set up a mandatory orientation/intake meeting with an SSS staff member. A student will not be considered active until they complete all intake requirements, including agreement to use services, stay in good academic standing, and remain enrolled at USU through the receipt of your bachelor’s degree.

Some applicants are getting an error message when trying to download the application and view it in their browser. When you click on the link, the pdf file is downloaded to the ‘Downloads’ folder on your computer. CLOSE YOUR BROWSER and then open the file from the ‘Downloads’ folder. Do not try to open the document in your browser.

Please fill out the document electronically and not by hand.

SSS Application Form

If you would prefer the document to be emailed to you, please send an email to elizabeth.griffiths@usu.edu stating that you would like the application emailed to you.

NOTE: After you have been accepted into the program you only need to reactivate your file the beginning of every Fall semester in order to use the services for the new academic school year. The reactivation form is available in the SSS office at the beginning of August.