Bree has worked with USU Student Media for over a year and has enjoyed all the opportunities to learn and grow in the position. As an office assistant Bree’s focus is to keep things running smoothly.

A day at the office for Bree consists of many different tasks.

“I take payments, sell ads, make sure that correct ads run in each publication.”

She also has been involved in creating The Byline, an accomplishment that Bree is proud of.

When Bree is not helping Student Media she is working on her major “in Human Development and Family Studies with an emphasis in Child Development.” Her goals after college include moving back to her home state of Nebraska “to open a wedding business with my mom.” However, she also hopes to run her own daycare or preschool.

Bree is an avid reader, “I tend to read about three books a week depending on how much free time I have.” Also, in her spare time Bree enjoys singing and dancing.

Next semester Bree will be moving on to bigger and better things but her time at Student Media is something she’s thankful for. A favorite memory of working for Student Media for Bree is “going to the Student Media retreat this summer. It was fun to meet everyone and learn more about what other people do for Student Media.”

Bree was chosen for Student of the Month because she has worked hard and grown a lot in this position. Marissa Neeley, Office Manager for USU Student Media said, “She is leaving us at the end of this semester in order to complete her practicum for her program. She has been very valuable in assisting in the office, making the office more efficient, and helping with projects. There was one time during the summer when she was the only person available to man our booth at freshmen orientation. She carried all the gear up the stairs, set up, stayed for 3 hours, and packed it all up.”

“As mentioned, she has taken over The Byline and has made it a better newsletter than what it was before. She is kind, a hard worker, and reliable. It has been reassuring to know that if the I am not able to cover the office she is there and is able to handle the various situations that we come across. We are going to miss her, but we are glad that she is able to complete her degree next semester and pursue her dreams.”