This semester has been big for Aggie Radio as this year’s new promotions team has been behind the scenes with a goal to “create self-sustaining systems that will effectively run our marketing team.” Ari Romo has been a large part of reaching this goal as promotions director. Ari’s right-hand man Jacob Horton also works to manage all promotions and marketing, by overseeing analytics which is where Elle Brown focuses.

In order to accomplish their goal, multiple projects are in the works including pricing packages, design kits, and analytics on all marketing projects. Elle has been working hard to learn about Aggie Radio’s community.

“When first introduced to Student Media, I knew I wanted to focus on the analysis part of it but there wasn’t a spot for me at the time so I stuck around in events until they decided to get me in on my own projects.”

As a result, from Elle’s work, Aggie Radio has been able to implement new things and guide their focus to meet their audiences’ interests. Ari has helped multiple things come to fruition, for example, using automated emails to inform community members, and having a social media kit to outline guidelines on posting radio content to match the brand. The outcome of the promotions team so far has taught Ari a lot.

“In order for this to be successful, they [Aggie Radio] need to have a lot of preparation, consistency and be well documented.”

Jacob further elaborates on what being a part of the promotions team has meant, both for him and Ari.

“We both started with a curious mind and a desire to get involved. . . For me personally I have learned a lot working with Ari, she has taught me many aspects and strategies of marketing. I have also learned that Aggie Radio is the best and tons of fun!”

Elle also remarked on the community of Aggie Radio, and the opportunities she’s had so far.

“I’ve learned that 99.9% of the motivation comes because I’m passionate about the work, Aggie Radio’s environment and want the best for those around me. Analytics is something that most people don’t get for their businesses so being able to give that and feel appreciation from others is honestly one of the best feelings ever.”

Ari sums the goal of Student Media up perfectly, because while a promotions team is helpful to us the ultimate idea of creating one is to give students the opportunity to learn and develop skills.

“Aggie Radio and Student Media in general is such a valuable tool for professional success. I know with 100% certainty that I will get a good job after college as a direct impact from the things I have learned being involved with the station.”