Fred Coad and his wife spent the summer in Logan living in Millennial Towers. They were program coordinators for the Summer Citizens program which brings several couples out of the heat of the Arizona summer to the green, and much-cooler, Cache Valley.

As program coordinator, Fred asked Student Media program coordinators, Nathan and Cimaron, to present on how summer citizens could get involved with The Utah Statesman and Aggie Radio. “For two summers I walked by the Student Media office and looked in the Aggie Radio booth. Both were pretty empty. Back in the 70’s, I dabbled a little with the University of Illinois radio station and student newspaper. I am a Summer Citizen here at USU and decided: let’s ask to participate and help.”

Participating in Aggie Radio, not only allowed Fred to get involved, but allowed for his creativity to be placed in a new project. Creating a theme for each show was Fred’s favorite part of doing a show, “. . . my overriding theme was being thankful for my freedom to play the music I wanted (providing I could find it in the playlists). One show thanked our past, present and future service men and women. I played “The Star Banner” by Jimi Hendrix. You have to hear it to appreciate it. During the Small Satellite Conference, I played outer space and satellite related music. Another was friendship represented by “A Little Help From My Friends”. Another was supporting our brothers and sisters in Hong Kong with “Stand Up” by Ziggy Marley. I mixed Woody Guthrie, Queen, current music and Wu Tang Clan. While the show was for my enjoyment, I was pleased to introduce some older music genre to today’s listeners.”

While doing his show Fred enjoyed the on-campus interaction, from students giving thumbs up to fellow Summer Citizens doing a double take. Sometimes citizens would take pictures and send them to Fred’s wife, leading to opportunities to talk and encourage others to work with Student Media. Taking opportunities and finding what you love to do is part of Fred’s advice to students, “Enjoy your time to be free. . . Balance your studies with time to enjoy the beauty around us. Asking for help and advice is a strength that needs to be learned.”

Fred is looking forward to his next summer in Logan, “The Summer Citizen Program is a crown jewel for USU. Aggies, Loganites and Cache Valley residents are a welcoming “foundation of youth” and greatly appreciated. . . I will be returning to Aggie Radio next summer and have been reviewing songs for next season’s topics. Stay tuned and do not turn that dial!”