Written by: Sydney Dahle

This year, Klaus VanZanten is taking video production to a new level.

After Utah State’s SNAC facility moved, VanZanten saw the opportunity for a new studio and seized it. Faculty was more than willing to help, providing VanZanten and his team with the proper equipment and offered their time and hands to make the studio something incredible.

“When I first started working at student media,” said VanZaten, “I overheard some of the managers talking about how employees in the real world don’t take anything that USU Student Media produces seriously. That really hit me.” VanZaten went on to say that he didn’t want to bother creating something if the fruit of its labors weren’t credible.

“When I became the video manager for the Statesman, I really tried to make sure that we were producing the best video content possible. In under a year, we went from no video content to winning national awards. It’s been really great to see the video team grow like that,” said VanZaten. The video team this year entered a national video competition and placed in several categories.

“I would love to get Student Media to a place where outside companies come to us looking for new employees. The thought of crafting our students to become so proficient in their respective creative fields that real companies come to ask us for help would be so incredible.” VanZaten adds that this job is more than just something he can mention between conversations. He wants businesses to be impressed with work he and his team put their heart and soul into.

“We’re laying the groundwork for USU Student Media to become this central hub where students come to sharpen their skills, build professorial relationships and find a launchpad for their careers,” said VanZaten, “we want students being exposed to all kinds of video production. I want my team to leave here and become multimedia machines.”

You can find Klaus and his team’s work on USU Student Media’s website, as well as Aggie Radio’s Facebook and all social media platforms.