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Business Services for Student Services

Business Services is a service unit that provides traditional business functions of accounting and budgeting. Business Services facilitates the procurement and contracting process in addition to tracking sponsored program fiscal management. The unique organizational structure provides business support and financial management to all departments within the division of Student Services.

Business Services for Student Services is organized into the following areas:


  • Reconcile monthly transactions
  • Prepare purchase orders, check requests, cash reimbursements, requisitions, and EZ Buy transactions
  • Prepare index status reports
  • Maintain database that aids directors in projecting future expenses
  • Provide accessibility to financial status of indexes
  • Analyze and advise directors of real or potential problems with both individual and overall budgets


  • Maintain and input semi-monthly payroll for hourly worker
  • Prepare EPAFs for employees
  • Submit benefitted employee vacation and sick leave
  • Submit job postings
  • Collect required work forms
  • Manage jobs website
  • Analyze and advise directors of real or potential problems pertaining to HR


  • Apply scholarship awards to student accounts
  • Verify applicant eligibility to scholarship funding
  • Maintain applicant data
  • Provide accessibilty to scholarship funding balances
  • Analyze and advise directors of real or potentail problems pertaining to scholarships


  • Prepare all TAs complete TRs inaccordance with travel polices and procedures
  • Maintain current emergency information on travelers
  • Maintain database of travel expense reports
  • Provide accessibility to travel status
  • Analyze and advise directors of real or potential problems with travel.