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Work in Progress Mural Project at Utah State University

The Work in Progress is a collage-style mural that is a…


Utah Statewide Teacher Fair

The annual Utah Statewide Teacher Recruitment Fairs held…


Emmy Lingscheit & Guen Montgomery Printmaking Exhibit

Through her work, Emmy Lingscheit investigates the…


Graduate Training Series: Best Practices for Conference Presentations

Whether you’re giving an oral or poster presentation,…


Getting the Most Out of Your Sleep

Learn how to deal with sleep problems as well as how to…

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About Surplus

Surplus Property Sales is to be used by all University departments for the disposal of unused property.State guidelines require that State-owned personal property shall not be destroyed, sold, transferred, traded-in, traded, discarded, donated or otherwise disposed of without first receiving authorization.Surplus Property Sales assures that state guidelines are followed and property is disposed of properly.