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Poly(ADP-ribosyl)ation: From Genotoxic Stress Response to Aging and Cancer Biology

Dr. Aswin Mangerich from the University of Konstanz…



All Utah State University Alumni are invited to attend…


Main Street Entrepreneur, author Mike Glauser book signing tour

USU professor and serial entrepreneur Michael Glauser is…


Run, Walk, & Roll 5K & 1 Mile Race

Know anyone with a disability? Get them registered along…


Avian Adventures in Migration -- Swaner EcoCenter

The second of four tours led by Kenny Frisch, local and…

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Hundreds of additional items are available on a "Cash and Carry", which are not listed on this web site.

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Appliances & Furniture

Description Year Model Inventory Number Price Notes
Industrial Iron [photo]   Ironrite 51188 SOLD Available now for public

Audio Visual Equipment

Description Make/Mfg Model Price #

Computers & Related Items

Make Year Model Inventory Number Price Notes
15" LCD MONITOR [photo]   VARIES   $5.00  
17"-18" LCD MONITOR [photo]   VARIES   $15.00  
19" LCD MONITOR [photo]   VARIES   $20.00  
20" LCD MONITOR [photo]   VARIES   $35.00 Quantities Varie
22" LCD MONITOR [photo]   VARIES   $50.00 Quantities Vary



Electronic Equipment

Description Make/Mfg Model Price Inventory Nr.

Farm/Landscaping Equipment

Make Year Notes Available Price Inventory Nr.

Cushman Groom Master


  Needs Repair NOW $500.00 58891
ANTIQUE FARM WAGON [photo] 1930s ????   12/07/2015 $100.00 SOLD
JOHN DEERE X485 Tractor MOWER/SNOWPLOW [photo]     04/14/2016 $6500.00 70941

Lab Equipment

Description Make/Mfg Model Price Inventory Nr.
DXR Raman Microscope [photo] [photo] [photo] [photo] THERMO FISHER DXR $50,000 SOLD


Description Inventory number Available Price Notes
Wenger Acoustical Shell [photo] [photo] [photo] [photo] 64946 Now $25.00


Rotating Screen for Canal [photo] 53218 Now $1000.00 SOLD

Office Equipment

Description Make/Mfg Model Price Notes
2 DRAWER FILE CABINET [photo] Varies   $20.00  
4 DRAWER FILE CABINET [photo] Varies   $40.00  
5 DRAWER FILE CABINET [photo] Varies   $50.00  
4 Piece Office Desk Set [photo] HON Available 03/08/16 $200.00 #69937

Office Furniture

Description   Min. Notes
OFFICE CHAIRS [photo] Items vary $0.50 to 100.00  


Shop Equipment

Description Model Inventory Number Price Available Notes
WIEDENMANN [photo] [photo] TERRA CLEAN M 59686 $9000.00 NOW Like New
JOHN DEER [photo] X485 Yard Tractor 70941 $6,500.00 Now W/Plow & Mower Deck
Lot of 133 Grow Lights [photo][photo][photo] Various 64573 $3000.00 07/15/2015 See Photos For Details

Outdoor and Sporting Goods

Description Year Inventory # Price Available Notes
POLARIS RANGER 500 [photo] 2010 72047 $6000.00 05/25/2016 W/Enclosed Cab
KUBOTA RTV 900 [photo] 2006 72048 $7000.00 05/25/2016 W/Enclosed Cab & Snowplow

Vehicles & Related Items

Make Year Model Odometer Price Available Notes Inventory Number
FORD[photo] 2001 F-150XL 154582 $3500.00 05/20/2016

4-WD Camper Shell

FORD [photo] 2001 F-350 133715 $6,000.00 05/04/2016 4WD&V-10 71525
FLEETLINER [photo] [photo] [photo] [photo] 2004 SPRINTER 2500 115016 $12,500.00 05/02/2016 Inside Racks 71933
CHEVROLET [photo] 1982 C-70 40561 $3,000.00 10/23/2015 No Bed 66565
FORD [photo] 2004 TAURUS 102368 $3400.00 05/23/2016   71936
CHEVROLET [photo] 1995 LUMINA APV 115115 $1,400.00 05/20/2015 Seats Removed 71934
FIAT 1990 MULTIMEDIA VAN   $60,000.00 4/9/2014 LOCATED AT MDLS BUILDING 53179