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Swing Club Council:

Faculty Advisor
Dr. Donald Robertsdwroberts*biology.usu.edu
Rick Moore swing.usu*gmail.com
Vice President  
Marcquessa Johnson swing.usu*gmail.com
Lacey Lindsay swing.usu*gmail.com
Club Chair
Jennifer Monsen freak.of.unature*gmail.com
Publicity Chair
TBA swing.usu*gmail.com
Activities Chair
Jody Jerez swing.usu*gmail.com
Elite Hall
Mark Lindsay mlindysay*gmail.com
Fundraising Chair
Erica Black swing.usu*gmail.com
Technology Chair
Colin Mills swing.usu*gmail.com

Auxiliary Council Members:

Team Director
Josh Ferrer swing.usu*gmail.com
Team Director
Mark Lindsay swing.usu*gmail.com
Jennifer Monsen freak.of.unature*gmail.com
Webmaster Consultant
Jimmy Suissecapn_carpet*hotmail.com
Marcea Hessswing.usu*gmail.com

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