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Grant Esser

I am the President of the USUSA Big Band Swing Club.

I enjoy Lindy Hop and some basics of East Coast. I love learning more moves and improving technique. I love helping others learn dance.
Outside of Lindy Hop I cannot turn down a game of Squash.

Shad Carter

Club Vice President.

I enjoy solo routines and '20s Charleston.
I dance because it connects me to the music on a deeper level than just listening to it.
I also dance because it connects me with other people. Swing dancing creates lasting friendships and fosters a culture of inclusion and community.

Mckell Esser

I work on the Design and Marketing for the club.

Lindy Hop is my favorite style of dance. I could do the basic swing out all day!
I am also learning to love, "The Jig", it is a new and fun dance for me and it looks awesome!
I'm here because I have really enjoyed learning Big Band Swing dancing. The culture is fun and the music is great! I also enjoy working behind the scenes to promote each club dance.

Lydia Neeley

I am the Club Chair, but please do not sit on me.

My favorite styles of dance are Lindy Hop and Blues. I like their musicality and the connection between partners for both styles of dance.
I am in the council because big band swing is really fun. I want to teach people how to swing dance and that it is a lot of fun.

Nathaniel Atwood (OUTDATED)

Club Chair

Keenan Prescott (OUTDATED)

Elite Hall Chair

Brittany Daniels (OUTDATED)

Swing Set Coach



Stacie Michele (OUTDATED)

Club Teacher


Club Teacher