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What is the "Lindy Hop"?

Named after Charles Lindbergh's flight after the atlantic, (when the newspaper headline read: "LINDY HOPS THE ATLANTIC"), the Lindy Hop is a smooth, and upbeat dance. The dance, cosisting of an 8 count basic comes from Afro-American origins, and is danced to a swing style of music. From its creation inthe 1920's to the 1940's, the Lindy Hop has had a long history, from its evolution from Lindy Hop, to Jitterbug, to is dissapearance and Revival in the 90's. 

How do I learn Lindy Hop?

In the early origins of this dance, there were no instructors, you would go to dances and try what you saw. In our day, we do have instructors, but to learn the dance, one must go to dances to practice what you have learned.

Other good ways to learn,

1. Imitation. watch other dancers, youtube videos, then video yourself and try to see what you are doing different.

2. Ask, the experienced dancers got there by asking other dancers to dance with them. They want to dance with you!

3. Listen to the music, Learn to love Jazz, pick a part and listen to only that part. What does that instrument to in the song?

4. Take a lesson or a class. videotape what you learned after the class.