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September 2nd, 2010:
Hey, did you miss us? It's a new year of swing dancing, here in Cache Valley, and we're starting the year off right with a Grand Opening Dance on Thursday, September 9th. Don't miss it! Also, this year we'll be (slowly, sorry) revamping the website, so it'll be easier to get information about what's going on in Logan. Anyway, welcome back and enjoy the new school year!

February 25th, 2010:
This just in: Starting next year, the Harlem Nights Bash and Utah Hellzapoppin' Competition will officially be relocated to Salt Lake City and renamed to Harlem Shout! Let's all take a moment to reflect on the glorious 7 year run Harlem Nights had in Cache Valley.

February 22nd, 2010:
For those of you who missed the Harlem Nights 2010 and Utah Hellzapoppin' Competition, you missed out. It was a kickin' weekend full of classes, 16 hours of dances, and competitions!

We'd like to give props to Justen Hansen and Alexis Kragenbrink for winning 1st Place in the Utah Hellzapoppin' competition. Hope they spent the $1000 grand prize on new shoes, because they sure burned up the floor with their old ones!

December 2nd, 2009:
Competition and Registration information is available for the 7th Annual Harlem Nights Bash and Utah Hellzapoppin' Dance Competition! Remember: There are only 140 weekend passes available, so snag yours now while the snaggin's good...

November 23rd, 2009:
We are pleased to announce the very talented Jeremy Otth and Laura Keat as our guest instructors for our 7th Annual Harlem Nights Bash and Utah Hellzapoppin' Dance Competition! We will also be featuring The Glenn Crytzer Band, Freddie Dickinson, Ron Dante Capunay, and Scott Blevins as our Music Crew.
[aside] This is going to be sooo fun!

October 26, 2009:
Announcing the 7th Annual Harlem Nights Bash and Utah Hellzapoppin' Dance Competition! Taking place in celebration of Black History Month on February 19th and 20th, 2010. This event has attracted dancers from all over the country and is held every year here in Cache Valley. The HNB comprises of a weekend of workshops, dances, and competitions culminating with our Saturday Night Dance at Utah's historic Elite Hall. Guest Instructors and more details will be announced shortly. Click here for the official website.

September 9, 2009:
Break out your calendars, because team tryouts are this Saturday in HPER 215 from 10am - 2pm. A solo routine, along with a partner dance will be taught and performed as part of the tryout. Our teams have performed all over the state, and even placed in the Intercollegiate Swing Competitions in Colorado. This is something you should seriously consider doing.

August 27, 2009:
Swing Club has joined forces with various other dance organizations to form DANCE UNITED!!!! We will be meeting at Club New York every Tuesday from 7:00pm to midnight. Lessons are taught from 7 - 8pm. Dancing continues from 8 - 10pm with Swing in one room and Ballroom in another. From 10pm through midnight, Swing and Ballroom merge into one room while Country begins in the other. Sounds confusing,but I'm sure you'll get the hang of it.

This coming Tuesday (September 1st) is the first Dance United... um... dance. So in celebration of this event, the first 26 people to come to lessons get in free! For the rest of the year, D.U. dances will cost $4 per person, $2 for members. Membership costs only $5! Rumor has it there are T-shirts, too.

For more information, the latest newsletter is here

August 25, 2009:
It's a new year! We're looking forward to another kickin' (literally) semester of some swinging good times!

Swing Club has undergone a slight change to its basic functionality this year. We will be holding club dances at a different time and place (information to be posted soon).

Also, Tryouts to be on the USU Big Band Swing Team have been set for saturday Septemeber 12th. A time has not yet been scheduled for sure but we'll let you know when it has. We anticipate it being in the morning and lasting a few hours (ie, 10:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m.) So keep that date on your calendar open if you want to be on team.

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