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About USU's New Faculty Teaching Academy

stan Albrecht

"The Teaching Academy will not only help faculty develop their skills, but will also provide mentoring and important networking opportunities, allowing colleagues to share narratives and strategies. Good teaching doesn't just happen. It is an intensive investment on the part of the instructor - and the institution."

President Stan L. Albrecht

"Combining Teaching and Research to Build Success"

  • Launches the teaching careers of new faculty members on a positive and productive trajectory
  • Offers new faculty members the background, knowledge and skills to be successful classroom instructors
  • Provides feedback, coaching and mentoring on teaching performance in a formative context that is supportive, encouraging and focused on skill development
  • Focuses on pedagological principles, instructional design and development, and best practices by master teachers

Utah State University (USU) is proud of its more than one-hundred-year history as one of the original, public, land-grant universities. During that time, USU has grown into a modern, comprehensive, research-intensive institution with a portfolio of external support that now nears $200 million annually. Yet, as the university has grown and matured, it has not lost sight of one of its most fundamental responsibilities - to educate and train the next generation of young leaders in science and engineering, agriculture, natural resources, education and human services, business, social science, the humanities and the arts. Indeed, one of the essential characteristics of success as a faculty member at Utah State is a commitment to instructional excellence. USU faculty members are world class scholars who are also student-centered teachers eagerly embracing their instructional responsibilities.

To foster instructional excellence and to launch the careers of new faculty members on a positive and productive trajectory, USU has created a one-semester teaching experience - the "Teaching Academy" - for all new faculty members to support their transition into the multiple roles that faculty members assume at a modern, comprehensive, research intensive, student-centered land-grant university. The "Teaching Academy" is a structured, group experience for new faculty that explores the fundamental principles of high-quality college teaching and lays the foundation for success in the classroom. The experience includes lectures by 'master' college teachers; reviews the concepts of learning and teaching styles; 'best practices' in college teaching; group discussions of classroom challenges and opportunities; the development of basic skills of classroom organization and management; and, observational feedback and coaching from colleagues and assigned mentors. The "Teaching Academy" occurs simultaneously with the first semester of teaching at USU and, therefore, provides new faculty members with the opportunity to reflect upon and consider their teaching skills and performance in a "real time" laboratory.