Chapter History

In the Spring of 1999 Founding Sister Sharon Kay Pewtress was approached by Utah State University's Director of Multicultural Student Services to bring a historically Asian American Sorority to the USU campus.

However, she felt that to bring a racially exclusive sorority defied all that TRUE sisterhood encompassed. So she sought out to bring a sisterhood in which women of ALL races, cultures, religions, backgrounds, and lifestyles could celebrate their differences and not be discriminated for them. An organization that would be more than a club, but a sisterhood that would surpass not only her college experience, but would last a lifetime, for her and many sorors to come. As well as one that would bring unity, diversity, and awareness to the USU campus and community.

After much research and perseverance she discovered that Theta Nu Xi Multicultural Sorority, Inc. was the sisterhood she had been searching for. In the Fall of 1999 she contacted the Theta Nu Xi Multicultural Sorority, Inc. National Vice-President, Anna Lamadrid, to begin expansion on the Utah State University Campus.

The Expansion Process began in the spring of 2000 and seven amazing women joined Founding Sister Pewtress in her quest to bring Theta Nu Xi to Utah State University.

On April 22, 2000, National Vice President Anna Lamadrid and Alpha member Amanda Greene initiated the eight Founding Sisters at Utah State University. The Epsilon Chapter at Utah State University is a milestone in TNX history as the first out-of-state chapter of Theta Nu Xi Multicultural Sorority, Inc.


"Sisters of Diversity, Together as ONE!"

Mission Statement

To promote leadership, multiculturalism, and self-improvement through academic excellence, involvement in and service to the campus and community, as well as being living examples of sisterhood across different races, cultures, religions, backgrounds, and lifestyles.

Sorority Tenets