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  • The Herald Journal Wednesday, Mar. 25, 2020

    Utah State Student Events Continue on Social Media

    Over fast-paced rhymes and slower, thoughtful odes, USU students joined each other on Instagram for an avant-garde Slam Poet Night on Wednesday evening. Although USU student events were among the many activities canceled to slow the spread of COVID-19, student leaders devised new ways to engage with the USU student body. “After the announcement that all events were canceled, we just kind of felt that it was the end,” said USU Student Events Vice President Cooper Low. “After about a week of not knowing what to do, I sat down with some other students and our adviser and we knew we had to do something.” ... “It was such a cool experience,” said Ketzel Morales, a senior at USU who shared a poem during the online event. “I think it was so powerful for me because USU events have a way of offering safety and belonging to the students, and being able to still have a way to be together, even though it was over Instagram, I still felt that.” Morales said it was strange opening up like she did on camera but as she shared the poem about women empowerment that she has worked on for over a year, she was grateful there was a space for people to express themselves.

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