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  • Salt Lake Tribune Monday, Apr. 06, 2020

    Utah's Outdoor Spaces Can Help Us Reconnect. At a Distance.

    Restaurants that once bustled every night of the week are now open for takeout only. The sports venues, shopping centers, gyms and museums that used to fill our nights and weekends are now empty. And many religious gatherings, which serve as a cornerstone to so many Utahns’ lives, have been halted. The COVID-19 pandemic has and will continue to have a massive impact on the social lives of Utahns. While many of the social interactions that are essential for our economy have started to transition online, we still need real social interaction to feel alive. Many Utahns have begun to explore local outdoor recreation opportunities as an alternative way to have family activities, see others, and learn something new. ... We can consider ourselves more fortunate than many other states navigating their way through this pandemic. Utah’s abundance of outdoor recreation settings provide many opportunities to stay connected with what used to be “normal life,” with what we value so much, and with what for many of us is essential to who we are. Stay close to home, think about the importance or your local outdoor spaces, recreate responsibly, maintain social distance and reconnect.

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