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USU President Stan L. Albrecht's Speech at the Quinney Gift Celebration

Tuesday, Feb. 12, 2008

USU President Stan Albrecht welcomed the Very Reverend Rick Lawson

USU President Stan Albrecht welcomed Rick Lawson of the S.J. and Jessie Quinney Foundation to campus Feb. 12. Lawson announced a $5 million gift to USU's College of Natural Resources.

February 12, 2008

I add my sincere thanks and appreciation to these wonderful friends of Utah State University for the continuing generous support of this great institution. The College of Natural Resources, the primary recipient of the Quinney Foundation generosity, has had great leadership over the years. We are reminded of that as we listen to former deans. Its most important product, however, has always been its students. We see that reflected again today.

The Quinney family and the Foundation Board members have become an essential part of what we do at Utah State University. Their commitment to us is not only reflected in generous financial support, but in numerous other ways, as well. This includes support for a broad range of activities of our faculty and students. As but one example, they are always present at the college’s annual awards event where each year’s Quinney Scholars are announced. On a more personal level, we call upon them regularly as advisors and sounding boards where we can vet new ideas and refine new programs.

As most of you know, the Quinney Foundation is a part of a great family of foundations that have been, and continue to be, intertwined with our history. State support allows us to be a good university. The support of this family of foundations helps us become a great one. Utah State University’s first ever comprehensive campaign has been a rousing success so far. But that success is made possible by the core base of support that has been put in place by these families. Because of them, we attract and retain better students and faculty. Because of them, we have better quality facilities and laboratories to support the work of those students and faculty. Because of them, we are able to develop new programs that would otherwise not be possible. And so we celebrate their generosity which is so important, both to our present and our future.

The gift we celebrate today reflects a very substantial commitment for the S.J. and Jessie E. Quinney Foundation. This gift literally does stretch the foundation’s resources beyond what they might normally do. We express our deepest thanks for the trust that this reflects. At the same time, we would also like to acknowledge that today’s gift is but a part of the many years of commitment of the Quinney Foundation to our university and to our College of Natural Resources. With the $5 million gift that is celebrated today, the Quinney Foundation has now given just under $22 million to our university. Please join with me in thanking them for this marvelous support.

At the time of the announcement of our campaign last March, I quoted Stephen Trachtenberg who noted that raising money is not an end in itself, but is redeemed only by how we use it. In the case of USU, this gift will be redeemed as we continue to attract and support outstanding faculty. It will be redeemed as we create opportunities for the most able and deserving students. It will be redeemed as we use these funds to assure that no one who desires and is qualified for a USU education is denied that opportunity. And it will be redeemed as we build new facilities to house the classrooms and laboratories where the discoveries that change the quality of our lives will be made.

That is our commitment to you. Thank you for the honor that comes from our association with your name. Thank you for making us a better university. Thank you for believing in us. We promise not to let you down.

It is now my pleasure to introduce Father Rick [Lawson].

To read more about the gift, visit S.J. and Jessie E. Quinney Foundation Gifts $5 Million to Natural Resources

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