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USU Professor's 'Spider Silk' Research Spurs Potential New Product to Market

Herald Journal Thursday, Apr. 12, 2018

After years of research to produce mass quantities of spider silk — among the strongest materials in the world — a Utah State University professor and his team say they’re ready to get it out to the marketplace with a product people can use. USU biology professor Randy Lewis, his lab technicians and the limited liability corporation Spidey Tek announced in a news release this week that an adhesive would be the first product to market, thanks to an exclusive licensing agreement signed between the LLC and USU. ... Roberto Velozzi, CEO of Spidey Tek, said he will work with industry partners to get the product to market — hopefully in the next two years. ... Velozzi and Lewis formed Spidey Tek LLC, a bio-engineering company, in 2015. ... “When I tried to figure out how to make things lighter, stronger and cheaper, I started doing this research and then found Randy,” Velozzi said. “I realized that Utah State University, under the direction of Randy, they had the best technology out there.” Velozzi has high hopes for what spider silk — which is stronger than Kevlar, aluminum and steel — can do. It could be the basis for new products including artificial ligaments, tendons, airbags and parachutes.

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