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'Hero' Students May Have Prevented Campus Tragedy, USU Police Say

KSL Sunday, Jun. 10, 2018

Students at Utah State University may have averted a tragedy. When things weren’t adding up with a classmate, they did the right thing. It’s a case where students did everything right. Even though their classmate became angry, they still reported his suspicious behavior to police. ...  "He wanted them to buy gun parts, and he was willing to pay for them so that he could go undetected, which is very disconcerting as a restricted person himself," said USU Campus Police Chief Mike Keuhn. ... Campus police did some digging and found O’Connor was out on bail for vandalism and weapon charges in California. ... Because the USU students spoke up, Thursday a California judge revoked his bail. O’Connor is now back behind bars in San Jose. ... that’s what preventing violence is all about, is making sure we stand up when we see something we’re not comfortable with," said Amanda DeRito, with Utah State University. Police say what the students did was exemplary. ... USU has a campus-wide program beginning with incoming freshman where they teach students that if you see something, say something. In this case, they believe it may have saved lives.

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