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Cache Valley Archer Shooting for the World Stage

Utah Public Radio Friday, Oct. 05, 2018

The most severe symptoms of spinal infections can cause paralysis, and can be especially dangerous in infants. This is what happened to a Utah State University student at four months old, leaving him paralyzed from the waist down. He hopes that archery will one day take him to the Paralympics. ... “I am shooting every day, six days a week, about two hours minimum. I try to get at least 90 arrows in a day,” said Jack Charlesworth. Now in his early 20s, he is practicing to earn a world ranking. His hobby of archery started out as a weekly date with his wife Kayla. Now Jack is competing on the world stage. ... Professional archers don’t use their fingers to let go of the bowstring after it’s pulled back. Instead, archers like Jack use a small device called a thumb-activated release. ... Jack’s goal is to make the United States 2019 Archery team, which is a requirement to try out for the Paralympic games.

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