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Business School Stresses International Education

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Business School Stresses International Education

By Catherine Meidell in the Utah Statesman Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The Go Global international education program kicked off its first designated week to get students thinking about broadening their experience with international business, said Lis Allred, the program director for global enrichment in the Huntsman School of Business.

As part of the first Go Global Week, students who participated in the business school's Go Global study abroad programs, from China to Brazil, are donating their time to educate the rest of the student body about what this opportunity can do.

"We are helping prepare the next group of students so they can get ready for the program and get themselves ready financially," Allred said.

Utah has an extensive international business base, Allred said, and there are currently more than 2,500 international businesses that have roots in the state. In 2010 Utah doubled in exported products and 95,000 Utah jobs are in exporting businesses. The majority of the U.S. decreased in exports.

"Especially in business, everything is going to be international ... with communication and travel speed increasing," said Becky Drebin, a senior in entrepreneurship and economics that traveled to Asia for the Go Global program. "The sooner we are able to overcome this barrier, the more easily we will conduct effective business."

Allred said, "The students need this international exposure to compete in the business world. Opportunities like this are empowering and put students right in the heart of business. This is where the classroom comes to life."

Go Global Week was implemented for the first time this week to get students interested in the growing program that takes students to eastern Europe, Asia and South America. On each trip, three countries are visited on that continent. When studying in the various countries, the students visit businesses such as Toyota, Microsoft, Nike and Intel, to better understand the operations of business in a wider scope.

Thursday's Quiz Bowl is the big event of the week, and will get students thinking about subjects that are necessary to be a successful international business person. Four teams will go head-to-head from 5-6:30 p.m. in the TSC International Lounge. These subjects include Utah history, culture, general business and politics and government. The team of four who win the competition will receive $2,000 for scholarships.

"We are helping prepare the next group of students so they can get ready for the program and get themselves ready financially," Allred said.

The Huntsman School of Business's study abroad programs are not solely for business students. Political science, biology and engineering students have had part in the opportunities made available through the business school, Allred said.

Kjersten Adams, a senior majoring in economics, first realized she was passionate about microfinance through the Go Global program, and said by observing the struggles of businesses budding in other countries, she became interested in helping finance these businesses.

"It gave such direction to the life I want," she said.

It's important for students to immerse themselves in new cultures, Drebin said, and those who are not willing to "get outside of themselves" may not benefit from the program.

The program begins with an intensive three-week program on USU's campus during the summer, and then continues for 5-6 weeks following in one of the three selected global regions.


Studnets at USU Go Global Fair

Kyle Griffin, an MBA student talks to Brandon Zitting, a senior in accounting, during the Huntsman Business School's first Go Global Fair. Breck Byington photo from the USU Statesman Online.


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