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Charlie J. Johnston: Turning Life into Art Exhibit at USU Eastern's Prehistoric Museum

Explorer Glacier, Turnagain Arm Alaska by Charlie Johnston.

The Prehistoric Museum, Utah State University Eastern presents Charlie J. Johnston: Turning Life into Art, Feb. 29-Oct. 24. The exhibition opens to the public Saturday, Feb. 29, in the Special Exhibitions Gallery on the second floor of the museum. 

This exhibition tells the story of naturalist Charlie J. Johnston, through his paintings, natural history collections and detailed sketchbooks. He served as the curator of exhibitions at the Science Museum of Minnesota, as the first national interpretive specialist for the Fish and Wildlife Services and as artist and naturalist for the Lee and Rose Warner Nature Center of Minnesota and for Oregon’s West Eugene Wetlands Partnership.

Johnston was selected as the artist in residence for the Grand Canyon National Park – North Rim in 2007. He has had solo exhibitions in Moab, Salt Lake City and galleries in Oregon, Minnesota and was featured in the Alaska Parks. Johnston splits his year between Alaska and Utah painting, journaling and exploring the west with his wife Elaine. 

“I made my art an integral part of my life and my careers,” Johnston said. 

The Prehistoric Museum is located at 155 East Main Street, Price, Utah. The museum features fossils and artifacts from Utah. The museum is open Monday through Saturday 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. General admission rates apply.


Sandra Budd
Head of Exhibits
USU Eastern Prehistoric Museum


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