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Congratulations to the Seely-Hinckley Scholars

Recipients of Seely-Hinckley Scholarships at Utah State University gathered at a luncheon to meet with members of the Seely and Hinckley families. USU President Stan Albrecht was on hand to congratulate the students and welcome family members and members of the Seely-Hinckley Board of Investors.

Twenty-nine USU students hold Seely-Hinckley scholarships.
The Seely-Hinckley Scholarship Fund at Utah State University was initiated in 1985 by the families of Robert H. Hinckley and John H. Seely. Recipients of the scholarship are known as Seely-Hinckley Scholars and recipients are chosen annually from every college at USU.
The annual scholarships are awarded to outstanding students majoring in almost any field offered by the university, four within each college and the School of Graduate Studies. The fund provides assistance to students with superior attainments who otherwise would be unable to attend, or who would be delayed in attending the university.
The awards honor two outstanding Utah men, both pioneers of their time, John H. Seely and Robert H. Hinckley.
“I can always tell that spring is at hand in Cache Valley when we hold the Seely-Hinckley luncheon,” President Albrecht told the crowd. “Spring is a time of transformation, and that has been a theme for us this year at the university. As you look around campus you can see a physical transformation in our exciting, modern library, a beautiful new performance hall that just opened, and just outside, the living-learning center that will be a home to students living on campus.”
Transformation at Utah State University will continue, but the ability to provide a USU education to deserving students is increasingly reliant on the likes of our Seely-Hinckley friends, Albrecht continued.
“Today, I hope members of the Seely and Hinckley families get a true sense of our gratitude for what you do. It is very important to our students and our university.”
Following lunch, scholarship recipients Todd Coburn, Diana Glenn, Brad Mitchell and Michelle Robinson took part in a panel discussion moderated by Albrecht. All students responded with personal thanks as scholarship recipients.
“I have just returned from Iraq, and my wife is also a student,” said Coburn. “With two students in the family, plus a young child, the financial stress can be incredible. I am thankful I received this scholarship.”
Glenn, who received the scholarship as an undergraduate and graduate student, said that receiving the scholarship allowed her to stay in school. “It’s the reason I’m still here,” she said.
Robinson said the scholarship allowed her to pursue opportunities to learn outside the classroom, while Mitchell said the scholarship allowed him the time to accomplish all he needed in pursuit of a degree. Relief from financial worry was a major factor for all students.
James Hinckley represented members of the family in concluding remarks.
“These scholarship were established to honor Robert Hinckley and John Seely,” he said. “These men came from humble beginnings and rose to high levels. They became the men they were by hard work, commitment and perseverance. The students we recognize today match the standards set by these men, our founders.
“Congratulations to all of our students. Through education you will find the things that inspire you. Someday, you may be able to give something back. What a wonderful tradition that will be.”
Board members at the luncheon representing the Seely-Hinckley scholarships included Robb Alexander, Rebecca Chase, Fred Hinckley, James Hinckley, Michael Hinckley, Lynn Janes, Kirk Jowers, Preston Nibley, Betty Nibley and Brian Parcell.
This year’s Seely-Hinckley Scholars include: Gary Halverson, Michelle Robinson, Cory Jenson, Noe Medina, Daniel Rock, Ashlee Cooper, Elizabeth Dutton, Stephanie Hancock, Natalie Sozio, Bryan Bingham, Todd K. Coburn, Sitanshu Gakkhar, Brian K. Stevens, Melissa Fielding, Michael David Jones, Russell McGovern, Megan Hirschi, Cameron Nay, Amanda Townsend, Corrie Wallace, Kody Crowell, Newell Tyler Elison, Brian Lee, Ryan D. Warner, Leslier Bush, Diana Glenn, Deonne Dawson Johnson, Brad Mitchell and Lee Stephenson.
Seely-Hinckley scholars, family members and university administrator

(From the larger group photo) USU's First Lady Joyce Albrecht joined the scholarship recipients, university administrators and members of the Seely and Hinckley families.

Seely-Hinckley scholars, family members and administrators

(From the larger group photo) President Albrecht congratulated scholarship students and thanked members of the Seely and Hinckley families.


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