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Davis County 4-H Program Looks to Expand Programming

By Shelby Ruud-Jarman |

The Utah State University Extension Davis County 4-H program is working to expand the classes and clubs available to youth ages 5 to 18, including offering online resources for families to complete at home during times of social distancing.

The 4-H program, while commonly associated with livestock care and gardening skills, also offers programming centered around leadership, service and STEM – science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

The Davis County 4-H program is particularly working to offer hands-on, educational STEM activities for the youth in the area.

“The great thing about STEM is that it surrounds us in just about every situation – in the home, yard, park, library, you name it,” said Bailey Horton, Davis County 4-H program coordinator. “The 4-H program gives youth a great way to explore their interests and passions, whatever they be, in any environment.”

Current 4-H members who wish to keep developing their skills during times of social distancing can take advantage of the many at-home options offered by Utah 4-H.

“Though we really do thrive when clubs can meet and youth can exercise their great leadership skills, we understand that there are still ways this development can happen during times of social distancing,” Horton said.

At-home 4-H curriculum is available for clubs such as paper crafting, fitness, citizenship, forces of nature, family consumer science, personal development and leadership, environmental education and many more. The at-home curriculums can be found at and can be used not only by current 4-H members and their families, but also by any families looking for fun and engaging activities.

In addition to more programming, the Davis County 4-H program is looking for volunteers from the community.

“If you have a special or unique skill that you can teach our youth, please reach out to us,” said Tarl Hull, Davis County 4-H program coordinator. “We can work together to create an unforgettable 4-H experience for them.”

For more information about the Davis County 4-H program, visit


Shelby Ruud-Jarman
Student Writer
College of Agriculture and Applied Sciences


Bailey Horton
Davis County 4-H Program Coordinator

Tarl Hull
Davis County 4-H Program Coordinator


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