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'Fresh Food, Renewable Resources, Sustainable Lifestyle'

Utah State University’s Department of Nutrition and Food Science hosts this year’s Health and Nutrition Expo Feb. 20. This year’s theme is “Fresh Food, Renewable Resources, Sustainable Lifestyle.”

This is year’s expo is far different than anything we’ve ever done, said Dietetics student Heidi Moss. Rather than focusing on the usual eat-veggies-and-exercise routine, the expo will present a whole new aspect of sustainable living.
The Health and Nutrition Expo will be held Friday from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. in the Taggart Student Center Sunburst Lounge.
A sustainable lifestyle is creating a long-lasting healthy way of living, said Moss. It’s beyond what the food does once it gets to a person’s mouth. It’s how people improve everything around them — the earth, themselves and others. The Health Fair wants students to have attainable goals while starting this new lifestyle, not to necessarily change their way of life, but to take what they already have and improve it, Moss said.
The Health Fair is not only for vegetarians who eat organic food. The concept of a sustainable lifestyle is important for everyonefrom students to faculty and staff.
“We want to teach people about their ‘food print,’” said Moss. “We will be letting participants take a quiz to determine their food print and provide them information on what a ‘food print’ really is and how they can decrease theirs. We will be giving away reusable grocery bags to participants who want to take the quiz.”
Approximately 30 booths will be set up with free food demonstrations every half hour. The fair is very college-friendly, but the entire community is invited. Students can learn everything from gardening in their dorm window to recycling and food storage. Tip cards will be at each booth for students to take home and begin their new habits. Recipes will be printed on the back so students can improve eating habits.
Lee’s Market Place, Rock Hill Creamery and Sun River Farms are only a few of the vendors and guests appearing at the Health Fair.
Activities will include hands-on demos, displays and food samples. Gardening Fair Trade, composting and recycling, food preservation, wellness and “slow” foods are among other topics covered.
The expo also offers opportunities for USU employees and their spouse/partner to complete health screenings. Tests are performed by Logan Regional Hospital and USU’s Employee Wellness program and include cholesterol panel, diabetes screen, fitness testing, body fat, blood pressure and wellness profile. The fee is $12 dollars with USU insurance card, $24 without.
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